Inexplicably, all of my friends and I have been experiencing an odd brain/life fog these last couple of weeks. Listlessness, a general inability to focus and feeling unmotivated are just some of the things we reel off in voice notes or on walks with each other. I’m curious to know if this is something you’ve felt too? Or perhaps it’s just us. Even so, I’m glad to have opened up about it to someone – we don’t always have to suffer alone.

There’s a lot to be said for appreciating the smaller, not necessarily finer details of the everyday mundane. Here’s to another list of petite, open-hearted joys, the moments that’ve brought and woven poetry to my days, this fortnight:

一. Working on bookish content! I’ve really struggled to connect with my own Instagram lately – let’s face it, it’s a finsta account now – but I’m loving my book account. I even picked up a sponsored post with Penguin Books, which I am SO proud of.

二. My morning post-gym walks. As my family all have COVID at the moment, I’m back to being chief dog walker. Enjoying the fresh air, birdsong and dewy grass right after a strength training session feels so good.

三. Playing Garden Story. I wasn’t in a great headspace when I attempted my first play-through of this cosy action-adventure RPG, so I started a new save file this week and it’s been so much fun. It’s available on Steam and for Nintendo Switch, and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

四. Phone calls. I’m not usually one for a phone call, but they’ve really helped with this weird fog I’m experiencing. Even if sometimes it is an hour of my brother and I playing Pokémon Legends: Arceus together in a bid to complete our Hisuian Pokédexes…

五. Getting caught out in a torrential rain downpour while out on a walk with my best friend. We found shelter beneath a canopy of trees, and listened as the rain hammered down.

六. Returning home to a freshly cleaned house, new sheets, and getting to light a new candle.

七. Love Island. That’s all.

八. Cosy afternoons working-from-home, downstairs with Milo. They feel so nostalgic, just like when we first brought him home and I’d begun working for myself.

九. Sitting in the windowsill nook on our landing and watching a late sunset.

十. Thursday’s work-from-home lunch, pictured above. So delish.

What’re some of the petite joys from your world, lately?

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