My goodness what a difference it makes when it’s sunny in England. Several iced coffees, exclamations of ‘oh it’s just so nice out there!’ and hayfever-laced walks later, summer finally feels like it’s arrived. (Climate change really be changin’!) On a personal note, life has been hard lately but I have the best band of friends who’ve pulled out all of the stops to get me through.

Sunset lake evenings

Yep, it’s that time of the year again! I’ve been enjoying spending after-work evenings down at the lakes, book and drink in hand. After long days at my desk and in front of a laptop, it feels especially good to unplug and soak up the outdoors. Right now I’m reading Simu Liu’s ‘We Were Dreamers’ and it’s a brilliant little read – I can’t wait to discuss it with the Lit Asian Lit Club at the end of the month. On Monday, I even met one of my friends there for a chippy dinner (the best!) and to feed the ducks and geese!

It’s Father’s Day!

And to celebrate, we’ve taken Papa Daisy to Kew Gardens for the day. Dad, and my Grandad, is one of the key reasons that I adore nature and the world around me so much. He’s an avid gardener and huge flower enthusiast, so we knew this would be the perfect way to celebrate him! If you’re reading this on Sunday, pop to my Instagram Stories to sneak a peek at what we’re up to.

United for Grenfell

Tuesday marked the 5th anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire. I can’t comprehend that it’s already been five years, and little has been done to prevent further incidents happening from illegal cladding on buildings the UK over. I actually work in the neighbourhood now, and it was especially poignant to see the memorials and watch as everybody flocked to the area dressed in green. And, at work, we ran a sale to raise proceeds for The Grenfell Foundation, which felt special indeed.

Dinner at Vegan Planet

On Wednesday night I headed over to Camden to meet my lovely friend Emmie for dinner! Usually fans of Tofu Vegan London in Angel, we ventured to Vegan Planet for an equally delicious, conscious meal. I’d certainly been craving some Cantonese food and our dinner totally hit the spot. Plus, it’s always fun to hang out with Internet people and remember just how special it is to make friends and form great connections with people from a community you started while living in a Uni halls.

Links I’ve Loved

  1. Excitingly, I was interviewed for a feature all about how storybooks have failed British-Chinese children.
  2. As always, I’ve been on an astrology hype and I really enjoyed this post on The Everygirl about your sun, moon and rising signs.
  3. Things I Love in a Book‘ via Cup of Jo
  4. I’ve been really re-interested in reading about females in business since Emily Weiss stepped down as Glossier’s CEO, and this article was great!
  5. Here’s how teachers talked about Uvalde with their students.
  6. I’m really looking forward to transferring into my second bullet journal of the year. This post on The Everygirl is a great beginners’ guide to getting into journalling.
  7. With all of this gorgeous, summery weather, I’m desperate to try Love & Lemon’ Tortellini Salad recipe!
  8. And here are 10 books to read if you don’t have it all figured out.

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