This week, it finally began to really feel like summer! From making plans in abundance with friends all over the globe to trotting out to the lake each evening with a book in tow, I couldn’t be happier to revel in the British summertime. Somewhat annoyingly, I managed to completely forgo making any sort of summer solstice plan this year and instead spent the evening watching Love Island and watching the gorgeous skies change from pale wheatfield yellow to a milky blue before plunging into twilight navy. A dream!

The great bullet journal migration!

Reaching the end of June (just about!) means that it’s time to transfer into a new bullet journal for the latter half of the year. Somehow I always manage to time it just-so, so that my Papier dotted notebook runs out as the sixth month closes.

This time, I’ve gone for the beautiful Papier × Rejina Pyo ‘Mavis’ notebook, another hardback with dotted pages and a gorgeous blurry floral design borrowed from the runway. I’ve had SO much fun setting it up, considering what worked last time and what didn’t, making big plans for the rest of 2022, and generally being a bit more creative with it. I also pondered sharing it on here but, after lots of thought, I’m going to keep this one just for myself.

Midweek friend catch-ups

Finally, I feel like I’m finding a good rhythm with my weeks, so this week I popped out to hang out with some friends. First up, an indulgently long catch-up over dinner with an old colleague from a previous job. Work wives are just the best, aren’t they? I’m so thankful that I always find at least one person that I just click with at work, and this colleague is a prime example of that! We had a lovely evening catching up with one another, putting the world to rights and then some.

Then, a cosy coffee evening with the wonderful Sian! Even though we must talk almost daily, it was so nice to chatter away and hear about all of the incredible things Sian has planned for their Be Messy Be Magic shop and Society6 storefront. You must pop over, if you like calming and cosy atmospheric photography.

Bringing home a new-old car

I also picked up a new (secondhand!) car this week! After dithering for absolutely weeks about whether or not I needed a car, given the rising fuel costs and impact that driving has on the planet, I realised that I really did need one. So gone is my old little motor, and in with a new-to-me Nissan Leaf! Gimme that zero emission life.

Links I’ve Loved

  1. My friend Elodie has soft-launched her handmade jewellery on Etsy! shoppiupiu is home to gorgeous string necklaces with the sweetest little fruit and veg charms. I already can’t wait to pick up a few pieces.
  2. Audrey Leighton does it again with this beautiful, ruminating piece about summer.
  3. Sian’s gorgeous new Society6 designs focus on Golden Hour – I want them all!
  4. The Everygirl shared a brilliant piece about staying productive when your living room is also your office. Now that lots of us are working in a hybrid manner, it’s more important than ever to maintain that work-life boundary.
  5. These Vegan Fajita Ranch Tacos from Love & Lemons sound delicious! I’ve added them to next week’s at-home menu.

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