After a really long period of solely working from home during the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns, I was worried about the in-office days part of my hybrid schedule. Having spent six years working for myself – and those infamous years of lockdown working from home – it would be a real change, a big energy shift. Of course, amongst those self-employed years and in my early career, I commuted to London five times a week, spending up to three hours on trains, Tubes and buses.

I knew a shift would be needed.

Our weeks are structured but flexible. I’ll spend two days in our London office (or elsewhere!) and three at home, and we’ve got a great system that maximises teamwork and minimises Teams calls when we’re all together – just how it should be. Although tricky for the first few weeks, I absolutely love this schedule, now.

Here’s the in- office routine that’s working for me at the moment.

My Morning Routine

6.45am. Believe it or not, I wake later on my in-office days than I do other days. And it’s certainly required. An introvert through and through, I find myself quickly drained when sharing trains and Tubes with hundreds of people at the start (and end) of my days. I enjoy my usual 10-15 minutes in bed with Milo, before drawing the curtains.

7.05am. Morning skincare. I brush my teeth and complete my skincare routine: face wash, toner, eye cream, moisturiser and SPF.

7.20am. I’m incredibly laid-back when it comes to makeup, now that I’m in my 30s. I have monthly lash extension and nail appointments that keep me looking and feeling together, which means all I require is a little brow fill, concealer (sometimes) and tinted Glossier Balm Dotcom. I style my hair simply with my beloved Shark FlexStyle.

7.35am. Getting dressed properly and intentionally has become one of the things I love again. I LOVED working in fashion and it meaning I could wear great outfits week-round. Now that I’m in an office again, I’m enjoying flexing my sartorial wings a little again. I even share some on Instagram Stories again.

7.50am. Leave for the train station. I drive my electric car or hitch a lift with my Mum, who drives to work.

8.00am. Catch my train to work. My commute is popular, which means I’m often standing the entire journey… but at least it offers me ample time to dedicated reading. Fellow introverts: losing yourself in a book is a great way to manage busy commutes.

9.20am. Arrive at the office. I tend to arrive at our office 10-15 minutes early so that I can get all my ducks in a row; filling up my bottle, setting up my desk after remote days. We also have complimentary all-vegan breakfast at work, so I’ll always pick one of those up!

9.30am. Start work. Just like my at-home days, I check my emails, Teams messages and daily diary, and make a detailed to-do list. Usually the first half hour of my work day is spent making my list, responding to emails and organising my daily or weekly priorities.

My Afternoon Routine

1.00pm. Since my in-office days are long, I’ve trained myself to take my London lunch breaks later. Often I pack my own bento lunch box (like I said, I really enjoy cooking lunch), and other times I make best use of my time with colleagues and take lunch with them. Getting to spend more time with them certainly makes work feel even more meaningful and fulfilling.

2.00pm. Back to work, and I’ll continue the lunchtime mood by plugging into my music playlists or a podcast while I write.

3.45pm. Similarly to my at-home routine, I take a short 10-minute breather to take a short walk, drink coffee, have a snack or read some news or magazine articles.

6.00pm. With half an hour left of our contracted day, I start to wind down at my desk. This typically involves tying up loose ends, actioning quick-win tasks, migrating to-do list tasks and always a chat with colleagues about their evening plans.

My Evening Routine

6.30pm. After waving farewell to my team, I embark on the journey home. A book and lo-fi playlist to accompany me through a cosy London evening is perfect for the daily switch-off. I also use some of this time to catch up with WhatsApp group chats, which is often a full-time job in itself!

8.00pm. I typically return home at around 8pm in the evening, which is very late indeed. Thankfully, I tend to return home to a dinner waiting for me, whether that’s prepared by my family or myself on a Sunday. Dinner always comes first 😉

8.45pm. A quick shower to scrub off the London fog.

9.00pm. My sister sends & Chai orders on my London days, so with those errands out of the way we’ll relax and watch TV together and ruminate over future business ideas. Spoiler: we have fun things coming!

10.30pm. Me time. Evening skincare routine, a cosy candle and whatever takes my fancy. Often on these days, I choose to game and slowly catch up on WhatsApp messages from the day.

11.30pm. Long day finally over, it’s bedtime for this city-going girl.

Do you keep to a routine for your hybrid work schedule? Share some of your top tips with the community below.

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