Since starting my dream job and moving to a hybrid schedule along with the rest of my new team, I realised quickly that I’d need to adjust almost all of my routines. We are always in flux, and I happily welcomed a new routine and some structure in my life. How we begin our morning really does set a precedent for how the rest of the day will pan out – I can count on one hand the number of times that this hasn’t happened.

For some context, I’m now fully away from my old freelance copywriting business. I’m back in the luxury fashion industry working a ‘corporate job’ from 9.30am to 6.30pm. And I still have time for all of the fun or productive or mundane or magic things that you see on Daisybutter or shared on Instagram.

Here’s a little insight into the everyday routine that’s really working for me at the moment.

My Morning Routine

6.30am. Wake up. I usually ‘beat’ my alarm most days and wake up a few moments before it sounds, which feels much better. It takes me a little while to get up, so I’ll laze in bed for 10-15 minutes with my dog, Milo, and then draw the curtains.

7.00am. Morning skincare. I’ll brush my teeth and do my pre-gym skincare routine, which is incredibly simple. Face wash and SPF.

7.15am. Gym time. I drive 10-15 minutes to my gym for a workout on all three of my WFH days. I’m fairly devoted to the gym because I love how it makes me feel – energised, refreshed and healthy. I strength train all week, mixed in with cardio, and then add a Barre, yoga or Pilates session (from my gym’s app) on a Sunday evening. I’m also enjoying changing up my strength training with the SHREDDY app right now.

8.45am. Drive home, for a proper get-ready routine. I’ll shower off the gym sweat, wash my hair and do my full morning skincare routine, which is just as simple: face wash, toner, eye cream, moisturiser and SPF.

9.05am. Breakfast time! I absolutely LOVE breakfast (and lunch) on my WFH days. (A post-gym breakfast just hits differently.) Usually I’ll make granola and yoghurt or porridge, or sometimes even a fancy avocado on toast with some family-made chilli oil crisp.

9.30am. Start work. I’m regimented about starting my work day at my desk. I check my emails, Teams messages and daily diary, and make a detailed to-do list. Usually the first half hour of my work day is spent making my list, responding to emails and organising my daily or weekly priorities.

11.30am. If I don’t have a meeting, I’ll take a quick late morning break to do a little journalling. I find incredible clarity and catharsis from penning a few pages, a couple of times a week.

My Afternoon Routine

12.30pm. Lunch time! Oddly enough, I always take lunch at the same time on my at-home days. At a (toxic) previous workplace, our WFH lunch hours were pre-scheduled into our diaries and, now, it’s as though my body is engineered for a 12.30pm lunch. Sigh. I usually make a pasta salad, Buddha bowl or soup-and-roll for lunch.

1.30pm. Back to work. I enjoy working ‘round the house in the afternoons. Dining table setups, the sofa, curled up on my windowsill… I write much better later in the day – which is a core part of my job as a writer! – so it’s imperative that I get cosy and comfy.

3.45pm. As my work day is incredibly long, I’ll usually take a mid-afternoon break to get some fresh air, spend time with my sister and take Milo for a walk. He gets a short walk in the morning with my sister, but an afternoon walk feels relaxing for us all. We live near a primary school, too, so this time works much better for us.

5.30pm. With only an hour until the end of the work day, I begin winding down at my desk. Writing creatively is surprisingly taxing on the ol’ brain, so I like to spend this time doing a little competitor research, answering emails, migrating to-do list tasks or catching up with colleagues who are also working remotely.

6.15pm. Print off & Chai orders. It’s been a real juggle, running & Chai alongside a full-time job again. I run a quick print while still wrapping up work, to save a few minutes.

My Evening Routine

6.45pm. Head downstairs with a hobby. I’m an activities person and with weekends devoted to time spent with loved ones and my partner, evenings are where it’s at. Usually I’ll bring my book or Nintendo Switch. I’ll spend time with my family, catching up and each plugging away at our hobbies.

7.30pm. Dinner. On at-home days, dinner is always at 7.30pm and we always eat together. I love this Chai family ritual.

8.45pm. Mail time. My sister and I pack orders as we watch TV in the evenings, then nip out to deliver & Chai parcels at a secure Click & Drop point. This was a lockdown ritual – to avoid contact with other people – but one that has stuck and works so well for me amidst busy weekdays.

10.00pm. Me time. Time for my evening skincare routine, lighting a candle and winding down for the night. My partner works night shifts, so I’ll usually have already chatted to him before he starts work, meaning alone time for me! Lately, this involves catching up on WhatsApp messages and a 15-minute Pinterest session, before an episode of my current TV show.

11.45pm. My incredibly late bedtime. Ah to be the girlfriend of a night shift worker!

Of course, this isn’t a strict routine and I’m often changing things up here and there. But, it’s the perfect at-home, weekday ritual for me and allows me to carve out pockets of time for all of the essentials: wellness, work, play and maintenance.

What is your everyday routine like?

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