Since my last Sundaze post, I’ve had the time of my life returning to handwritten works and generally taking a lot more time off from social media. I often did this at weekends and the peace and clarity that came with it was unparalleled. I gleaned my news from more traditional forms of media, without the endless additional opinions on Twitter, and soaked up every moment of our weekend plans, without trying to capture it from 12 different, aesthetically pleasing angles.

Life since pandemic restrictions eased has been undeniably busy. The collective wish to see loved ones again and add things to our reverse bucket lists means all of us are eons busier than we were a year or so ago. Sometimes, you need to cut through the noise and adjust priorities.

The more I think about it, the more I see clearly that 99% of my favourite memories are undocumented. (Until now!) A mediocre coffee – albeit with great latte art – enjoyed during a catch-up with my friends where our words tumbled out quicker than our mouths allowed. A late summer weekend picnic that turned into an afternoon walk and casual bird-watching. Celebrating close family birthdays and drinking homemade punch late into the night.

Earlier this year, I spoke about how I enjoy this blogging space as a form of self-preservation. But social media didn’t feel like that: it felt like a falsehood, set up for instant gratification and leaving you feeling unfulfilled and craving more. When I cut through the noise, life has no comparison. Nothing compares to my own life. Yet the moment those familiar square – or 4×5 images – return, all I do is compare.

Here’s a challenge for your upcoming week: unplug, disconnect from the noise and see where it takes – or returns – you.

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