Happy Sunday, friends!!

This week absolutely flew by. I can barely remember most of it, but what I do remember is worth savouring. In fact, I’m certain it’s one I’ll remember in years to come. That’s the thing about these old school, diary-like catch-ups; they capture the everyday mundane in a way that’s succinct and that I’ll likely treasure in the future. I read some of my earliest Sundaze posts back, the other day, and it felt like past me holding my hand through treasured memories. Misty eyes aside, I totally encourage you to keep a little record of everyday moments too.

Feeling good about staying home

Here in England, pandemic restrictions have been fully lifted and I’m not sure it was the right decision. Cases are rising, and now more people than ever that I personally know have got or had COVID-19. It feels bizarre and incredibly jarring to know how quickly the new variant is spreading and how ‘open’ everything now is. It’s even odd to wander around parks or the shops to see people happily living sans mask. (I’m still steadfast in wearing mine indoors and out.) As such, I’ve pared back most of my time outdoors in favour of staying at home again. We had a heatwave this week – hello climate change(!) – so it’s been nice to wear minimal clothes and hug my new fan most days anyway.

While I finish up my notice period at work, life feels like it’s settled into a sweet, sweet balanced routine of new freelance work, working on one or two hobbies in the evenings, making great meals again, and quality time with friends. It might have taken an entire 16 months into the pandemic, but I’m feeling much more at peace with this new lifestyle of mine.

Evenings down at the lake

Of course the one exception to my ‘staying at home’ has been carving out time to spend blissful summer evenings down at the lake. Perhaps it’s the Pisces in me, but I really do feel a particular kinship to the water.

With the heatwave in full swing, it felt so good to pack up my bag with a drink, my blanket and my Switch (or a book) for a little me-time. I wrote about these nights a few weeks ago, and I enjoy them just as much now – if not more! – than I did then. Plus, it’s made much better now that places are open and less people seem to be heading out on silly little daily walks. This week I squeezed in three, including one with one of my closest friends!

Mish Makes Moves

Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen this week is your girl is making moves. I started the potentially lengthy and arduous process of, erm, buying a whole house! And I’m not sure why I didn’t begin earlier. So far, I’ve viewed a few properties and prepared more paperwork than you can shake a stick at. Things feel so good and aligned at the moment, and I couldn’t be grateful.

And, as we are in 2021, I’m thinking of starting a little home series on Daisybutter as well as a small Instagram account to document everything. Would you be interested in following along? From being a first-time buyer to starting the process as a solo self-employed woman, I feel like I have a billion and one things to tell you all, but that’ll all come in time. For now? We scour Pinterest and keep level-headed with one helluva budgeting spreadsheet.

Links I’ve Loved

  1. Having been working on updating my desk space for a few weeks now, I really enjoyed Anika’s in-depth small space desk tour on Chapters of May.
  2. Lily always finds the most gorgeous cottagecore homeware and trinkets, and her newest post is of no exception.
  3. 5 Things My Therapist Taught Me About Self-Love’ via The Everygirl
  4. IKEA’s new autumn collection looks like an absolute dream, and I already can’t wait to see it all IRL.
  5. [ affiliate link ] I bought this beautiful dress for my godson’s christening next month and can’t wait to wear it!

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