This week felt like a complete whirlwind. It genuinely feels like it was only a minute ago that I wrote the last Sundaze! Since then, I’m now officially freelancing again, my second vaccine has been rebooked to an earlier slot, I’ve hung out with friends and I’m on top of all of my recycling 😉 Time is slipping through my fingers and I definitely feel ready to gently press on the brakes a little, and savour the moment a touch more again. But…! It does feel like the first time in a long time that I’m feeling like I’ve managed a good balance of things. Even though everything looks uncertain on the surface, I’m happy muddling through and I’m pretty excited to go with the flow and see where the rest of 2021 takes me. Hopefully only better horizons.

The ACNH update!

At long last, Nintendo announced a new Animal Crossing: New Horizons update! And it coincided with my last day of work! For endless reasons – the main one being a lack of gameplay AND the fact I’d hit over 1,490 hours in the game… – I hadn’t picked the game up in a few weeks, but I’ve always enjoyed Animal Crossing’s August fireworks. So your girl’s back at it, flattening her island and ready to build a new one from scratch. If you’ve similarly felt burned out by the game, or have lost interest, here are my simple suggestions:

  1. Flatten your island and redesign it!
  2. Watch Twitch streams and gaming creators work on their saves
  3. Sell every item and materials you own and start afresh – actually play the game
  4. Download the Nintendo Switch Online app and play while voice chatting to a friend
  5. Redesign your gaming area and feel so utterly cosy that you simply must cancel plans in favour of staying in.

Finishing up at work

It was my last day of full-time work on Thursday and it felt surreal. Of course I’d worked the busiest week of work possible, but when Thursday rolled around, I half didn’t want it to end. I’m incredibly grateful (and privileged) to have had and retained a full-time role in a coveted industry (luxury beauty!) throughout the pandemic, but I feel even more grateful that I can make the leap to going it alone again. Freelance and multi-interest life is slowly but surely building up again, and I couldn’t be happier.

Celebrating with friends

We celebrated my friend’s 30th birthday last night with a surprise BBQ party, which was SO much fun. Having only really indulged in one-on-one socialising since restrictions eased, it was a push to then see more people but, hear me out, I feel really restored and refreshed having spoken to real humans. Not only to celebrate a mutual friend, but to top up creativity and think outside of my own four walls and lil mind. Oh this pandemic never ceases to amaze!

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