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From being in a constant state of pandemic-related stress to fluctuating summer heat, it’s safe to say that my usual evening routines and restful sleep has been a touch outside of my reach lately. Like I’ve mentioned countless times this year, I’m focusing on self-care and one of those pillars is keeping atop of sleep hygiene. I might be a total night owl, but that doesn’t stop me from prioritising my valuable sleep and creating the cosiest and most relaxing pre-bed routine.

Thanks to Boots, who invited me to talk about how I rebalance rest, I’ve been able to make a few small but mighty changes to my pre-bed routine.

Run a luxurious bath with all the trimmings

Come 9pm, I can’t wait to run a bath – yes, even in the summer! – and enjoy an evening soak. In the warmer months, I like to keep the water a touch cooler and drizzle in ribbons of my favourite bath oil. I’ve been reaching for the Tisserand Blissful Escape Total De-stress Bathtime Collection, home to a Bath Oil and Massage & Body Oil infused with 100% natural geranium, orange and nutmeg essential oil. The restorative chypre and citrus notes are incredibly soothing, and leave my skin nourished and hydrated – no need to slather on moisturiser that leaves you feeling sticky.

Try a magnesium spray to relax your muscles

For a number of years now, I’ve relied heavily on magnesium sprays each evening. The BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Body Spray is blended with lavender and chamomile for an inviting nighttime fragrance. I spray this all over my body and with a focus on my feet and calves which always tend to feel ‘heavier’. The result? Incredibly relaxed muscles, ready for bed.

Unwind with your choice of relaxing activity

Once upon a time, I’d swear by a good book before bed, but these days I find it more relaxing to light a candle* or pop aromatherapy oils in my diffuser, and play 30 minutes or so of a comfort game. Against most advice, I do this from bed but safeguard it with a little sleep elixir. I’ll lightly mist my pillow with my new favourite Aroma Active Laboratories Sleep Mist. It’s formulated with lavandin, buddhawood, valerian and ylang-ylang notes, a calming woody-floral scent.

What are your favourite ways to relax before bed? How are you rebalancing rest?

*Always snuff out candles before bed, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

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