Boy oh boy does it feel good to be writing, frivolously, for the blog again! I took an impromptu break from Daisybutter last week (I tend to create content about a fortnight in advance!), which meant nothing went up this week bar a mini bedroom update that I’d already shot and scheduled ages ago.

It felt good.

I often question why I ‘bother’ sharing such regular content on here, and the answer always remains the same, this; amidst all of the other writing that I do, it’s here that I’m completely free to write whatever I want and the consequences are largely faced only by me. Although I take on sponsored projects on the odd occasion, I like that Daisybutter remains a place to sit and catch up over a coffee, share stories and document days, give recommendations and be creative.

Having said that, I’ve felt really thinly stretched recently, hence the impromptu break. I’ve had client and work deadlines left, right and centre, so I had to admit defeat, even by my standards, and pause writing blog posts and shooting. My camera roll right now? Dire.

A Bank Holiday weekend!

Despite us having lost all concept of time, this weekend was Bank Holiday weekend! It was deliciously warm and I spent much of it working, but also stretched out in the garden. I’ve already started to feel anxious about leaving my safe bubble whenever lockdown is lifted, so I’m taking every opportunity to soak up maximum time spent at home. This weekend I started reading Saving Missy by Beth Morrey and I’m enjoying it so far. It deals thematically with loneliness and isolation, which I’m finding… interesting to read whilst in lockdown, but I’m excited to see where it goes nonetheless. I also filmed an Animal Crossing: New Horizons island tour video!! It’s taking forever to process, but you’ll be able to watch it on my channel here.

Eating from our garden

When I adopted a vegetarian and then vegan diet, the agreement at home was that I’d cook all of my own food. This might sound like a given to many people, but in our household — and I’m sure many other Chinese households — we eat family-style, together, and don’t often cook separately. Since lockdown began, my parents have been cooking for me again (Mum is regularly bewildered that the vegan dishes she cooks me can keep me alive, because she can’t imagine a diet without meat). But on Friday, I whipped out my culinary skills once more and rustled up a simple aglio e olio pasta dish with fresh ingredients from our vegetable garden! It was delicious, and it blew my mind to think that we did that.

Hannah’s surprise hen!!

Yesterday, we gathered on Zoom to surprise my wonderful pal Hannah (@hansyhobs) for a virtual hen party! These times may be tricky for us all to navigate, but little moments like these make things feel less crazy. I can’t wait to celebrate, properly, with these ladies next year! But for now, it was great to gather and have some fun wildly gesturing and spilling drinks in front of a camera, forcing Hannah to take part in our quizzes.

Links I’ve Loved

  1. Kristabel shared a lockdown diary instalment in partnership with Habitat, in which she transforms her small London living space for lockdown.
  2. One thing that I’ve continually struggled with during these strange times is separating my working week from the weekend; Monica’s post on The Elgin Avenue outlines some useful tips to craft your weekend routine.
  3. Simple & Season is one of my favourite thoughtful blogs, and this post about not glorifying busy was both illuminating and inspiring.
  4. Chrissy Teigen is launching a cookware line and I am HERE for it, especially after the Alison Roman controversy over the weekend. Teigen’s empire is nothing short of empowering to me.
  5. I’m not leaving the house much at the moment, so Sian’s post made me feel so much better about eventually having to do The Thing.
  6. Although I’m terrible at baking, Love & Lemons’ Homemade Bagel Recipe is definitely something I’ll be attempting next weekend.
  7. And lastly, I was featured in my OG lunch date’s new blog series! Read ‘Lockdown Lunch with Michelle Chai’ on her blog.

How was your week? Tell me about one delicious meal you ate this week (it’s good to shake these up)!

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