Happy Sundaze!

What a gloriously sunny week we’ve had in the UK this week. No jacket weather, my first sandals outing of the year… it’s been deliciously warm and I’ve revelled in lapping it all up.

I’ve been sticking to my pact of popping out every lunchtime for a walk and it’s made the hugest difference to my mood and outlook. Even though the thought of heading out ‘for a stroll’ in Central London in July at lunchtime terrifies me, I genuinely feel so much better for it. Note to self: stop taking money out with me. I am very poor.

Lunch date with Sarah

Forever a highlight of my working week are my lunch dates with Sarah. This girl. What a woman. I first met Sarah years ago — back in 2012? 2013? — at a Motel Rocks event and over time, we’ve become firm friends. It’s a dream to have her just a short walk from my office and she’s made the transition from working-from-home to London life SO much easier for me. We headed for a little churchyard picnic this week where we mulled over life, had a barrel of laughs and she briefly became my therapist.

We also had a mosey around the brand-spanking-new Boots in Covent Garden. That place is a whole new level, guys. Think all of your favourite brands rolled into one make-up floor. Think a meal deal station of dreams. Think a zero-waste refilling hub. Think a custom-blend hair dye destination. And throw in a floral wall and a YouTube creator studio. Yep. If you’re in the area, be sure to visit!

(I’ve previously worked with Boots on a paid partnership basis, but this commentary is in no way related to that contract and I am not being paid.)

Changes of pace

This week has been incredibly busy, work-wise. I feel like I’m lagging behind in day-to-day life because I’m so sleep deprived, and it’s definitely impacting my productivity. I spend the majority of my week in London working in-house for my main client, Molton Brown, and it’s been so much fun. My original three-month contract has been rolled over several times because I just adore the brand and its ethos and all of their upcoming plans.

I’m also enjoying the accountability of working in-house again, though. Whilst I adore running my business, it can be lonely and you can feel a little lost without a manager or colleagues to share ideas with or offer guidance from an external perspective. So right now, I’m revelling in having the chance to do all of this!

A little New Look haul

With the warmer weather comes a definite need to expand the ol’ wardrobe. I only had thin jumpers, long-sleeved shirts and jeans to wear to work, and so I placed a cheeky New Look order and then bought even more in their summer sale.

I’m out shooting with Sian this evening, so you’ll be able to see everything I picked up soon. If anybody’s interested in seeing a try-on haul though, let me know in the comments or by email/DM!

Early-bird house news!

Last but certainly not least, I finally have some house-buying news to share! Your girl finally took the plunge, booked another mortgage advisor meeting and… got her mortgage-in-principle agreement!!

I am over the moon, especially because I’d been so incredibly anxious about submitting my income and finance details for review. I think as a freelancer, you constantly worry about being judged for your finances, and so after one super sweaty (from nerves!) afternoon in the bank, I’m a step closer to buying my first home.

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