Oh we’re well and truly in Bank Holiday season! My working week has been tipped upside down and I’m in the throes of a sudden flurry of work. Not that I’m complaining, of course, I’m more than ready to log off social media and get back to the books in a minute after the whirlwind week I’ve had so far! I’m completely exhausted after a solid week of p-l-a-n-s. So, coffee in one hand and MacBook in the other, let’s catch up on the week.

Workout Wonder

I don’t want to be ‘that guy’, but I’ve found myself a really good workout routine at the moment. Of course I still complain at every chance I can but I’ve never felt more strong and confident before. And that’s my main goal with working out: to get fit and strong. I reached an insane 48 press-ups on Tuesday and couldn’t believe my own body! (I also couldn’t lift my coffee cup the next morning, so it’s swings and roundabouts really…) It’s really cool to see how my body has changed so much in the course of around 4 months and it motivates me more to compete with myself and push those goals even further each week.

Right now I go to two Barre classes, practice yoga three or four times, fit in two HIIT sessions and two pilates sessions per week. It sounds like a lot but I tack yoga on the end of some of these and find yoga improves my mind SO much. Perhaps I’ll share a post about creating simple at-home workout routines?

Café Miami

Winnie, Zoe and I headed to Café Miami – blogger brunch paradise – yesterday. It’d been far too long since our last catch-up and so we sipped on matcha lattes and swapped stories about travels, weddings (not mine!), Instagram tips and future plans in our usual way. Totally recommend heading East to Café Miami, by the way! Such great service, incredibly dreamy interiors and a pretty substantial menu! We took a stroll down to Broadway Market afterwards for bao at Dumpling Shack before heading back into Central London to stock up on obligatory skincare goodies. A dreamy Saturday spent.

Magical Stations

Yesterday whilst I was waiting for the girls, I spent a little time alone at Liverpool Street Station. It was the first time I’d been there in many months and yet stepping onto the platform brought back so many oddly fond memories. Of heading out to meet Harvey in those very early days of dating. Of struggling to contain all of those butterflies that threatened to escape my tummy. Of hanging out on those benches, psuedo-romantically, for hours at a time, refusing to leave each other on a Monday night. It’s always so surprising to me that little things like platform signs, ticket gates, florist pails and shallow steps can lend so many memories.

The Importance of Hanging Out

I got to hang out with the oh so cool Ghenet on Friday for an afternoon of lunch, cake discoveries and wall hunting! I first met her at Kristabel’s event back in February and decided she was totally my kinda human.

We grabbed food at Farm Girl (always a winner! My review is here) before wandering around Portobello Market and Notting Hill in search of great walls beside which to shoot. All in all, a successful day! Keep an eye out on my Instagram. We also discussed how important it is to get out in the week and socialise to keep your week ticking over and your mind busy. I know that I often reach a tipping point of alone time where I just become a solid hermit…

Honey + Chai

Something that I’ve kept quiet about is the new look over on my online shop, Honey + Chai! I debuted a brand new look on Friday morning along with a batch of new products (clothing, accessories and stationery) and am so pleased with how well it’s gone down! I’m really trying to focus on that part of my business lately because it’s easily what I’m most passionate about and yet it often gets waysided. Cannot wait to unveil the second drop of SS17 in a few weeks too!

Shop now ➳ www.honeyandchai.co.uk

Thank You

Last but not least, I must extend a HUGE thank you to you, my beautiful reader. I’ve truly felt the blog love this week and I’m equally happy with the posts and ~content~ I’ve been putting out there. I’m so pleased my posts have gone down well with you all and I of course adore replying to your comments and having a little back-and-forth chat going on. Best. Squad. Ever.

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