Realistic Sundays. Because Monday is lurking and we’re all about to panic despite being cocooned in a duvet dream

  1. Ah what a perfect laid-back Sunday afternoon.
  2. I might change into my day pyjamas for a little bit before my Sunday roast.
  3. Heck yeah. That’s what I’ll do.
  4. *in Christmas pyjamas from eons ago*
  5. Welp, better get in bed. Just for a little bit. The outfit calls for it.
  6. But before that, maybe I’ll stack my laptop, 3 books, my tablet/iPad, nail varnish, phone and snacks up so I don’t have to move.
  7. C’mon Kettle Chips, do not slip on me…
  8. Dammit.
  9. OK, a second trip is required.
  10. Should I make a tea?
  11. I’ll make a tea. What’s a snack in bed without tea?
  12. *waiting for kettle to boil* I really should have set Netflix up already to avoid the inevitable wait. Next time for sure.
  13. Alright – tea complete.
  14. What to watch…
  15. Should I search fruitlessly for Friends again even though my boxset is right there next to my normal TV?
  16. Yes, yes I will.
  17. OK, it’s 100% still not there, just like when I checked this morning.
  19. Orphan Black can wait.
  20. Time to let my mind completely rest while my eyes soak in faux aliens on a show aimed at people 20 years younger than I.
  21. How can I open these crisps without spilling my tea?
  22. Mate, that was far too British of you.
  23. *lightbulb moment* Oh wait! I brought a book with me.
  24. I’ll definitely be able to read and watch this at the same time.
  25. That was an excellent half a page of not-sure-what-happened-at-all that I just read.
  26. WHAT.
  27. It’s 6pm.
  28. I should probably go and, like, eat or do something.
  29. Dammit. I told myself I’d eat healthily at work this week. I should go and do something about all that quinoa and pomegranate I bought yesterday.
  30. Idiot.
  31. I don’t even know what quinoa is.
  32. I’ll make one portion so I’ll know whether I like it or not.
  33. Back to bed!
  34. UGH. It’s Sunday roast time.
  35. Better get dressed. And by dressed I mean leggings and one hella loose chiffon shirt. Almost presentable.
  36. Wow I’m a new level of full. Never been this full in my life. That can be the caption for my weekly Instagram.
  37. I won’t do this next week.
  38. *looks at bed den in disgust*
  39. Did I do that all afternoon?!
  40. No more. I’m going to light a candle, read a book and watch a drama in the bath.
  41. Maybe I’ll stack my Lush bath bomb, candle, book, tablet and fresh clothes so I don’t have to make two trips.
  42. NOOOOO. Why bath bomb? Why roll behind the laundry basket?
  43. Bath time. I WILL be relaxed. I WILL be relaxed.
  44. I keep falling.
  45. Rev Run makes this look so easy while he leisurely updates his Sidekick.
  46. All gadgets and paper to be 6ft away from the tub.
  47. And now I’m bored.
  48. Why don’t bath bombs bubble or something?
  50. I wasted my Sunday.
  51. I could have written a whole week’s worth of blog posts, caught up with that friend, visited my Granny, sort out my floordrobe, prepared lunch and done some yoga.
  52. Maybe next week. I’ll stack my blogging notebook, laptop, car keys, Granny’s favourite biscuits, clothes and yoga mat together…(!)

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