Spring, So Far

Vanilla skies before sunset. Clouds that look butter-soft. Surprise chocolates beside the bed. Finding a splash of creativity for the first time in months; it manifested through new Animal Crossing: New Horizons builds. Mornings out on the field, catching up about anything and everything. Green buds on almost every tree, a hopeful spray and sign of brighter days to come. New magnolia on the tree in our garden, so beautiful that all of us stepped out to admire them. Spotting bunnies, darting to and from shrubs. After-work walks, accompanied by Milo, good conversation and the warmest of smiles all ‘round. Emails to celebrate, almost every day for a week. Fearless (Taylor’s Version). Drives with the sun-roof open and an extra scarf on: balance. As-if-magic tulips, impossibly bright and beautiful. Reusable face masks, in gingham. Journalling at every possible moment because our minds are full of brilliant thoughts if you’ll tease them out.

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