Iced coffee, seemingly by the bucketload. Stepping out of the gym after a particularly sweaty session, and feeling the sunbeams on your face. Pastel sunrise skyscapes. Long writing sprints coupled with new lo-fi beats. Evenings under wooden beams and twinkling fairy lights at a beer garden. Animal Crossing: New Horizons evenings, perched on my windowsill upstairs, legs hanging outside. A thunderstorm afternoon, rain bouncing from tops of roofs and tops of cars. When sunset light hits the sun-catcher on my window; rainbow prisms appearing everywhere. The obligatory crowd of Londoners by the canal at Kings Cross come 5pm. Hot girl walks each afternoon – not too cool, not too warm. Summer Fridays; spent on a long country walk, hand in hand, punctuated by a beer garden pitstop and a visit to the stables. Little everyday adventures when the sun is setting.

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