The Corners of My January; 2021

January started slow and stretched on slo w e r still. Skyscapes of patchwork grey, splashed just beyond my windows; a safety shield of sorts. Cups of coffee clutched tightly (for warmth, for comfort, for the caffeine). Afternoons upon afternoons draped with a soundtrack of Taylor Swift. Bouquets after bouquets of doorstep flowers, a mood-lifter. Long stretches of feeling quite definitively not okay, patched over with bursts of contentment and acceptance.

Evenings in the kitchen, lo-fi beats treading in the background, rustling up complicated recipes because we’ve the time for it, finally. Heart palpitations as we nervously pushed our website live. Midnight terraforming sessions on Animal Crossing. The quiet crinkle of book pages turned late at night. A crackle of an & Chai candle, whilst we potter through another evening in. Dreamscapes splattered with pastel horizons and thoughts of blissful sunrises and as-though-magic sunsets, powder-soft sand between the toes. Friends graciously virtually scooping me up when I’ve needed it the most.

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