Hello, you!

Gosh it feels good and odd and oh so therapeutic to open up a new document and write ‘for myself’. Well, January certainly threw a spanner in the works, didn’t it? I took last week off from posting for myriad reasons that I’m not sure I’m ready to share just yet. My friend Sian kindly stepped in to share a guest Sundaze – thanks Sian! – and I’m so glad so many of you enjoyed it.

This week has felt like more of the same. Up until a moment ago, I didn’t think I was going to actually post at all, but writing is the one thing that does come naturally to me. So I’m here to just write and write, no format or reason nor rhyme in mind. I missed my ‘Petite joys’ instalment on Friday, a time where it seems that many of us could do with recalling some joy. Perhaps I’ll share some of mine.

一. First snow in Hertfordshire. It was only a sprinkle, but it was magical all the same.

二. Beautiful blooms from friends. Unexpected doorstep deliveries have been a blessing.

三. Brisk, wintry walks with old friends to blow away the cobwebs. I feel so grateful for friends who scoop you up and look after you when you need it most.

四. Dad, who made me a coffee and de-iced my car before I set out to make some & Chai deliveries.

五. The shining hope we all felt watching Inauguration Day over from the US.

六. Investing in my first ever loungewear set. Feeling this cosy should be illegal, honestly.

七. Finally downloading PokéMMO and getting to play Pokémon Emerald!!

八. Stepping indoors from a walk and taking off your mask (with sanitised hands). Truly, not much beats it.

九. Reaching weekends and realising that whilst we won’t be doing anything new this weekend, it marks one weekend closer to some semblance of normality.

十. Starting Bling Empire with Mum and Louise this weekend.

It’s safe to say that I’m really hanging on to the tiniest glimmers of joy at the moment. Life and lockdown feel overwhelming and, just like last year, I’m finding that stripping things back to the basics, the very bare necessities, helps. It’s making candles and feeling fit to burst when they sell. It’s playing Pokémon, and believing in the magic of other worlds. It’s settling down with a tea and no-phone time.

To anybody else struggling this time around, you’re not alone. We’ve got this.

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