Can you hear the distant crinkling and rustling of just-crisp fallen leaves? The sway of trees enjoying a last late summer hurrah? The cosiest, most year-defining season change is moments away; it brings about a desire for reset, refresh, renew.

Each year I post about the September start, and yet this year I didn’t. It seems absurd – no, it is absurd – to have experienced three seasons sat right here. But it’s also lent me the time, glorious time, to really consider what is and isn’t working for me. Turns out, after weeks of feeling deeply uncomfy, it’s a lot.

So, I bring you my list for resetting with the seasons:

  1. A new morning magic routine. I’ll wake with my smart alarm, play a little Animal Crossing, read a chapter of a current book, put my dressing gown on and enjoy my coffee in the garden. All before work.
  2. I’m committing to secondhand clothing. I’ve not needed a single piece of new clothing this year, thanks to investment buying for the last few years. If I fancy something new, it’ll be old.
  3. A little desk shake-up. I’ve worked from home for years and years, and at the end of last year, decided to ask a client if I could work for them permanently, part-time, to change it up. No thanks to 2020, my desk has become my home again. I’m creating physical change by changing the set-up.
  4. Sharing comes secondary to living, experiencing. After all, you can’t properly capture the wonder of the first crunch underfoot!
  5. Make time and space for quietude; time spent alone taking stock of the day or week.
  6. A cupboard clear-out. Eating seasonally is one of our family favourites, and so it’s ripe time to clear out summer ingredients and eat through the pantry goods.
  7. Nurture my newfound hobbies more.
  8. New sheets. Need I say more?
  9. Compile an autumn reading list; watch this space.
  10. Journal my late summer thoughts, to shelve and truly start with a clear mind.

How are you embracing the seasonal shift? Have you felt compelled to make changes and reset the way you’re living?

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