A September Sigh

Sunsets that start a smidge earlier than before, hazy and golden higher in the sky and casting impossibly beautiful shadows upon cobblestones, through the trees and through slightly dusty windowpanes. Morning matchas sipped in the garden, now with the tantalising addition of a light knit. Early sunrise dew. That new school year feeling, equating a fresh notebook-and-pen and a refreshed commitment to Good Outfits Only™, bolstered by the loveliest welcome package from work. The unmistakable first leaf-fall. Jacket (or blazer) weather. Manuscript milestones. Recreating our second-first date, all ear-to-ear apple-cheeked smiles. Late summer evenings: a short cocktail, good conversation and big sweatshirt over your outfit-of-the-moment. Work-from-home todays, set to a chillhop playlist and crackling candle. Taylor Swift ‘Midnights’ excitement. Bento boxes, for the office, slowly transitioning to cosier, heartier dishes. Cosy evenings in, with Pinterest, a cup of tea and my The Five-Minute Journal app for company. Two-and-a-half days in Brighton with my love. A hearty roast dinner and giant catch-up with friends from school.

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