Suburban streets, winding (down), steeped in tangible quietness. Smatterings of claps at 8pm weekly, as though they spark real change. ‘Saved for best’ candles brought out from their beautifully designed cardboard homes, for we are always home now. Birdsong, sweeter each morning; a soundtrack just-right for a morning cuppa enjoyed on the stoop in the garden. Soft bodies encased in soft loungewear – a carousel of homebody looks; a cosy, quixotic antithesis against the absolute hardness of this year. Coffee, always (more) coffee. A collective appreciation for being able to enjoy our homes, the spaces we work so hard to maintain. The pitter-patter of tiny paws rushing from room to room, pups everywhere overjoyed for their humans to be around. Unmistakeable dry rustling amongst the trees, a clear (crisp) sign of imminent autumn. And, noticing the seasons, nature showing off as we’re forced to reckon with immediate surroundings day by day. A thirst to improve (myself) as I discover the bad habits I have and have picked up. An appreciation for our strong familial bond, our multi-generational home, during uncertain times.

These are the post-lockdown notes of an uncertain time, minuscule observations of a world turned upside down. August 2020.

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