Girly catch-ups, good coffee and busy AF.

一. Hello you lovely thing, you! Happy Sunday and end-of-January! I feel like I’ve been oh so absent from my blog and, in turn, the social media world, this week because real life has been batsh!t crazy. Like I mentioned in last weekend’s post, I actually scheduled most of this week’s posts or had them ready to read over and publish on lunch breaks, etc. which felt really odd as this year I decided to stop scheduling posts and write posts when I felt inspired. Long work days and longer work nights done, I feel suitably exhausted and ready to crash on the sofa for the rest of my Sunday, as it’s currently… 7.36pm as I write this(!!)

二. Today I headed out for brunch with one of my colleagues, Helena. It’s been a while since I managed to a) make plans, and b) keep plans. We went to Mostaccioli Brothers in Sheung Wan for a little alfresco meal and it was simply perfect! Nothing better than a quixotic brunch morning to set your weekend back in good stead, eh? I’m thankful to have met a group of gals here who constantly challenge the idea of our standard office jobs, have plenty of insightful stories and LOLs to bring to the board, and where we motivate each other to do more. Girl power!

三. On Monday we had a company party at the office to celebrate Lane Crawford’s 165th anniversary! It was a bit odd to have a Monday evening soiree in all honesty so I stayed an hour or so at the UV party (lol) but it was pretty fun; a Cantonese opera, Chinese fortune telling and local food vendors. Also got an awesome goodie bag filled with Givenchy and Amore Pacific beauty swag. Then I got home to find that my broken tap had broken even further and spent the evening mopping, cleaning and draining a flooded kitchen. Oh the sheer joy of living alone!

四. Wednesday saw me try on some dresses for my best friend’s upcoming wedding, including this beyond-beautiful self-portrait number. I can’t wear navy, though, so someone point me in the direction of some wedding-guest dress ideas!

五. Can you believe it’s three weeks today until I move back to England? I’m starting to panic a little as I haven’t lifted a finger on the packing front and I’m already beginning to miss Hong Kong and all of its little quirks. I *promise* I’ll start packing as soon as I’m home from Seoul 😉 Speaking of which, I have even more travels in the pipeline! Japan with my brother and sister is finally booked and I also have tentative plans for Paris, somewhere in Italy and potentially an LA jaunt if we can locate funds for it. So. Freakin’. Excited. Saving for a home can wait just a little longer 😉

六. Last but not least, this week I started listening to Serial after spending many restless nights doing Making A Murderer reading. Never been a podcast kinda girl but this one is super gripping and makes it easier to get on with work at the same time. Life changing! I’m just about to start the last episode and I genuinely have no idea where I stand on the case. It’s not quite as ‘obvious’ as MaM but still really intriguing. Alongside that, I’m watching a K-drama called ‘Cheese In The Trap’ – I’m several episodes behind but hopefully I’ll be able to catch up this week! ^_~

Links I’ve Loved:

  • The gorgeous and oh so lovely Callie announced her new gig as a shiny new columnist at Marie Claire and I could not be prouder or happier. What an achievement!
  • If you’re looking for a new read, Bee has compiled her monthly mini book reviews right here and made me want to place a huge book order. Plus, don’t ya just adore her poetic writing style?
  • Sophie’s 5 Pick-Me-Ups post certainly warmed my January cockles. In fact, her beautiful blog is one of the things I look forward to reading the most after a long and busy week.
  • With Chinese New Year just around the corner (it’s on the 8th Feb this year!), I’ve been busy getting on with spring cleaning, snapping up new clothes, getting my hair chopped and obligatory dinners with extended family. I also LOVE these DIY paper lanterns on Tiffany’s blog, a sweet little nod to the holiday.
  • I have major shopping envy after seeing Shabna’s beautiful Saint Laurent cardholder! Just look at how pretty that thing is!
  • Over on A for Aesthetic, we shared a Japanese-fusion recipe for yakiudon that I love making throughout the week.
  • My wonderful, teeny tiny team also created an edit of the Pantone pink interiors you can easily add to your home for a trend-led update. It made me want to buy all the things!
  • Oh! And my essential read for the week? Glada’s beautiful blog, Miel Cafe!
Love, Michelle x

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