I wasn’t sure whether I’d share a Sundaze instalment, or even a post, today but it felt odd not to. I mean, it’s February, it’s the month of love, we survived those awful January blues and everything feels like it’s slowly on the up. Today, however, marks two years since we lost my Granny and I find it incredibly hard to grasp that fact.

Two Years

The 4th of February marks the day we lost my Granny to bowel and breast cancer. I rarely talk about this on the blog because, honestly? It still feels too raw. On World Cancer Day, however, I knew I had to share something to commemorate it. Often, I don’t realise that losing Granny was real because I wasn’t in the country when it happened and had to process grief in a different way to my family, but also because I can never quite believe that cancer could be so destructive, so quickly. I find myself fine most of the time because I just feel like I’ll be able to walk right into her house and chat away over a Mini Roll and a cup of her really-quite-sugary tea. That I simply haven’t seen her because I moved abroad. Except I’m home and she isn’t. When I drive to her house, I can’t park there and walk in because it’s somebody else’s home now. When I pick up fresh flowers, I can only leave her bunch by her grave.

I can’t quite describe how it feels to simply feel so disconnected from such a harsh reality. On the note of World Cancer Day, I also wanted to highlight that bowel cancer screening is now available to people over the age of 55 on the NHS and I would absolutely recommend that you remind loved ones of this. I wonder all the time whether if we’d caught it any earlier, that she’d be here and we’d be spending Sunday at hers. There simply has to be a way of regularly checking in on these things and making it mandatory. There has to be.

Milo turned 2!

My sweet pup turned two this week! We celebrated it with a little sing-song, a pupcake from Pets at Home and plenty of deserved cuddles. Of course, he had no idea that it was his birthday but it’s nice to remember these things, as humans to pup babies. I can hardly believe we’ve had him for almost two years to be honest, but more on that come the time…

Faux Twitter fame

One of my week’s highlights was this Tweet of mine that completely took off!


Of course it riffed on yet another Instagram algorithm anecdote and thinly veiled complaint, but my did it do well! If only my Instagram did half as well… 😉 Additionally, I logged the first month of stats on my new statistics tracker (thank you Bonjour Blogger) and was over the moon to see a 25% lift on numbers! 2018, you are not too shabby at all!

A blog meeting with Ghenet

On that note, Ghenet and I met up for our first ever blog meeting on Friday and it was SO great. Like I’ve mentioned previously, I really want to start taking accountability for my blog and seeing it go somewhere. Where, exactly, I couldn’t tell you. But it’s been nice to work to a calendar, spend a little extra time perfecting my posts and content, and take the whole process just a little more seriously.

Our blog meeting was inspired by that between Kristabel and Lucy. We simply discussed things like our annual aims for our blogs, topics of note that had arisen from the month prior (Pinterest tactics, reading material, podcasts to listen to, etc.), before setting ourselves three actionable goals for next month’s meeting. I felt so positive after meeting with her and discussing – candidly – everything that’d been on my mind. 11/10, would recommend.

Moomoo’s home!

The past 15 days have been a complete whirlwind here at Chez Daisybutter, as Harvey’s kitten has been missing. We searched night and day for him and he finally was found yesterday! He was found locally, hiding in somebody’s garage until the homeowner’s returned from a 2-week holiday. Thankfully he’s unharmed but he’s skinny and a little anxious. If anybody has any tips for helping a returned-from-lost cat to recuperate, we’d be oh so grateful!

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