Guys, we made it! We are a mere 3 and a bit days away from the end of January, easily the longest month of my life, and we are pretty much still standing. Or laying crookedly in bed with our laptops balanced on our stomachs with about fifty attractive Sundaze chins. I got ya. Me too.

This month has been a hard ol’ slog, what with the whole 5 Mondays thing, attempts at resolutions and the pressure of doing good, doing better in line with societal expectations. It’s completely okay if you’ve just had a chilled one or simply sat, bewildered at how slowly cold months seem to go. My week has been a pretty mundane one, spent tinkering away at new projects and client work, preparing for some exciting things and, of course, enjoying having Elodie back in town!

Let’s get to it…


After finally accepting that my beloved Vogue Festival KeepCup has disappeared for good, I ordered myself a new one in a bid to aid my carbon footprint this year. I drink a LOT of coffee. Like, a lot. KeepCup are a brand that aim to encourage the use of reusable cups, making sustainable products that help consumers think about their position in a world of convenience culture.

After that episode of Blue Planet II, I quickly realised that one of the easiest ways that I could reduce my own carbon footprint on the globe was to shake up the way I consume coffee: namely, switching those 4+ disposable coffee cups for a reusable one. I picked up their Brew Cork Edition cup in Fika, made from recycled waste wine corks and fully tempered soda lime glass. Isn’t it beautiful? I’d totally recommend picking one of these up, they’re such an easy way to get on-board with sustainable living and will even nab you a little discount at certain coffee shops.

New bullet journal spreads

Having had a super work-heavy week, it comes as no surprise that I’ve spent a lot of time poring over my bullet journal. I must admit I was sceptical, even after setting mine up, of its uses and practicality but I’m a convert!

This week I introduced a few new spreads, including a manual invoice tracker by client, a phone data and usage tracker, spreads of my dream clients and dream blog partnerships, and they’ve been total game-changers. I genuinely find myself more productive and I’m hoping to share quarterly updates on my bujo. Keep an eye out for more bullet journalling content!

The Daisybutter Coffee Club, in partnership with…

So, a little Daisybutter admin: my fortnightly newsletter will be sponsored by the wonderful guys at Coffeegram for the next 2 months! Eight editions will be produced in partnership with the coffee subscription service and I’m over the moon about it. Of course this doesn’t affect the content itself, it simply means you’ll receive an exclusive discount in each newsletter.

I’ve been working really hard on the next few editions, so be sure to sign up here to receive fortnightly bonus content (I write diary-esque segments, think-pieces and other snippets that don’t quite slot into my blog), a free downloadable (think wallpapers, handy blog stationery and more) and a peek into what makes me tick.

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On Friday, our mini girl gang descended upon Homeslice, Fitzrovia for a pizza party! The occasion? Sophie’s birthday and getting to see Elodie for the first time since October. We ordered two of their infamous 20” pizzas and went for their butternut squash topping and aubergine topping on one (essentially mine, heh) and lamb topping and chorizo topping on the other. So bloody tasty.

I hadn’t been in YEARS, but it was once a firm favourite amongst us old school bloggers in the 2013/14 blog event days and if anything, it’s got even better! We had the best time exchanging stories, gossiping and chatting away, before wandering down to Selfridges for some gelato at Snowflake. A perfect Friday evening out.

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