Eeesh, lockdown feels unbearable at the moment, doesn’t it, UK friends? I’m been trying my hardest to recount this week, but even my bullet journal is pretty empty this week. It’s just been a blur of getting by. I had another day off from work this week, and spent it recording a podcast for the Restless Network, planning ahead for & Chai, and on a socially distanced walk with a friend. It really felt like spring was on its way and, with it, bountiful hope. The skies were so glorious and I almost needed to shrug my coat off!

I’ve also subconsciously spent a touch less time on social media and online this week. It’s been pretty great. What I’m learning, more and more, is that I thrive in spaces like this blog where there’s a touch more time to think about things and produce content that’s a little more considered, long-form and evergreen. I’ve always been about the words, and no social media platform quite sings to me.

The lockdown wall

This week, the lockdown wall hit. I’ve felt extremely tired and worn out, and I know it’s simply because I’m still attempting to live a pre-pandemic life… through a pandemic. I even cried multiple times on Tuesday just moments before meetings. But hey, we move. I’m picking up new tools and tactics, like starting work a fraction earlier so I can plough through emails before everyone else logs in. Or napping for 20 minutes on my lunch break so that I can survive the afternoon. Or returning to a secondary school mentality and simply existing, vining and gaming for hours after clocking off.

We’ve reached a truly unique part of lockdown now. And it’s okay to survive however you need to.

We’re pro-gamers now

Hand in hand with my previous point, I’ve had so much fun playing a bigger variety of games again. Of course I’m still logging in to Animal Crossing: New Horizons daily, but I’m also spending plenty of time playing Ni No Kuni, Atelier Ryza, Pokémon Emerald (yes, really!), and Stardew Valley. I picked SV up on Steam for my Mac this week, and installing some gorgeous mods has absolutely cemented my love for this cosy lil game.

Gaming is really doing wonders for my mental health at the moment; it seems to have replaced my reading stints, but right now I’ll take any form of entertainment that fills my time and isn’t ‘stare at walls mindlessly’.

Looking forward to greeting spring

Thursday felt like spring. Seamless blue skies, a kiss of crisp cool air skirting the shoulders. Birds chirping cheerily as they passed each other.

Gosh I am so ready to welcome a new season and greet spring again. Greenness in abundance, flowers popping up in our garden, a moment or two longer outdoors on our silly little walks just to feel something. Even though we all know lockdown will continue, it’ll feel a jot easier to manage. If only for those seamless blue skies.

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