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Without doubt, the past 11 months have thrown curveballs at almost all of us. Some have shaken up the landscape for the worse, and others for the better. I know that I didn’t think I’d find myself in the position I am now; newly single, about to turn 30.

Writing a public blog means that I truly wear my heart on my sleeve for the world to see, but there are always corners that’ve never been shared. A Pisces through and through, I sought solace in turning even further inwards, hiding from a world that, let’s face it, was already fairly hidden. And, myriad journal entries and tearful phone calls later, I’m realising that I haven’t felt like myself in a very long time. I haven’t loved myself in a very long time.

I’ve loved them. I’ve loved finding comfort and joy in the little things. I’ve loved a lot. But, somehow, it should’ve always started with myself first.

From small things like not wearing my ‘best’ necklaces and not applying makeup because ‘what was the point?’ to brushing off any compliment given to me, or giving 110% of myself away and receiving -5% back, slowly, I’m noticing that I’d let everything chip away at me until there was almost nothing less. It feels both vulnerable and a relief to write that.

I’ve always been the sort of friend, sister, and daughter to uplift others and help them see their best assets. There’s little I love more than finding joys in the everyday, sharing a slice of my lived experiences and offering a pick-me-up to friends. And it’s about time I did that for myself, I think. Throughout February, Daisy Jewellery are elevating the everyday. From the most delicate, bloom-inspired women’s necklaces to stack-em-up women’s rings that’ll catch your eye as you log in to another Zoom with the girls or turn the pages of your newest reads, I’m really enjoying reclaiming myself again.

This year, I’m championing self-love and rediscovering who I am. I’ll wear my favourite necklaces, I’ll play with makeup on a Friday night for no reason at all other than ‘I want to’. I’m working on accepting compliments sincerely, and I’m not giving myself away at the expense of others.

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