Happy Sunday, my loves.

The weeks are feeling deliciously slow at the moment, yet I can’t believe we’re already about to welcome in November. I had this week off work; it’s been just as busy with & Chai shop bits, but it’s been so restorative and reflective for me.

For one, seven years ago today I landed in Hong Kong with just an overweight suitcase and carry-on in hand. I always feel deeply sentimental at this time of year, because I think back to ‘what if?’ I hadn’t made that big move. Where would I be now? In a thousand ways, it doesn’t matter much at all because the universe has shown me that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. The story is almost too good to tell. (Maybe I’ll tell it one day.)

Secondhand shopping for autumn

I wrote, a few years ago, about how I invest in quality clothing and accessories that I can pack away by season and bring back out year upon year. Well, it’s been a good six or seven years since this began, and at last some of the pieces I picked up were beginning to need a replacement. Whether that’s because they’re starting to fray or no longer fit, I had a big tidy-up-and-out a few weeks ago, and it’s been a joy to kit my wardrobe back out.

First up, I listed the pieces that no longer fit me or fit my style anymore over on Vinted. You can shop my wardrobe here. I’m finding it a great tool both for selling – it’s a really simple process – and for buying. I picked up a new blazer (to layer underneath coats) for just a few pounds! Next, I set up a few simple but strict alerts on Depop. Once I’m done organising my wardrobe, you see, I make a list of what I’m missing.

In this instance, it was:

  • Black chunky/cleated sole boots (Chloé Betty boots if possible!)
  • Knit midi dress – bottle green?
  • Chiffon midi dress
  • Leather-look straight leg trousers
  • Racerfront tank top – black
  • Neutral oversized jumper

This streamlined list means I’m laser-focused on what I need and want. I add these to my Depop alerts along with my size, and it’s been nice sifting through what comes up. And, now all I’m missing it a great knit midi dress and the fabled black boots!

I went to the My Hero Academia film premiere!

On Thursday I popped into London to a) hang out with my brother, and b) attend the My Hero Academia film premiere screening. Boku no Hero Academia is easily one of my favourite anime, despite the later season lull, and the film was expectedly great. I absolutely LOVE that anime films are finally becoming more accessible in the UK.

The film was released on Friday, and you can find your local cinema showings here.

A week of crafting, reading and homebody life

After noticing a slight dip in both my mental health and energy levels last week, I realised I hadn’t taken any substantial time off work. So I skipped my usual Sundaze post, hung out with family and, importantly, booked this week off. It’s been absolute bliss to get up late, prepare breakfast and meander through my day without any real rhyme or reason. Mostly, I’ve been crafting, reading my way through my library book haul, and enjoying cosy little moments at home. It’s felt good to have a touch more headspace to do things like batch-make food and even properly catch up with friends’ WhatsApp messages.

Links I’ve Loved

  1. Our Hunting for Autumn & Chai Soy Candle and Pumpkin Melts are still available over on Jaye’s Hunting for Autumn shop. There’s only a few bundles left, so don’t miss out.
  2. My friend Imogen has relaunched her shop, Fierce Queen Studio, with new items – go and support her small biz!
  3. I’m avidly researching furniture and decor now that the Great Fish House Hunt is underway; this article about the rise of Japandi interior design really sung to me.
  4. Celebrate the launch of WUKA’s new sustainable lace period pants collection with 30% OFF!
  5. I loved reading Sophie’s guide to shopping for jewellery in a sustainable way.
  6. THIS roast potato recipe on Zoella sounds unreal – I’m definitely making these this afternoon.
  7. Prepare for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update with this handy guide to getting back on track with your Nook Miles balance. (My current flex is that I have over 200,000 Nook Miles, ready to spend!)

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