A wedding, new bedroom updates & Jessica Jung.


一. It’s been another busy week! Believe you me, the irony isn’t lost on me that I’ve promised a series all about freelancing and managing the work/life/blog balance and managed to slip slightly from the radar this week…! I feel utterly disconnected from the online world and it feels refreshing. Sometimes I’m guilty of diving headfirst into the land of filtered lives and living vicariously through others, forgetting that my life is pretty damn great too. 😉

二. This week I added another print to my ever-growing collection. I’m such a sucker for foiled prints at the moment! Abby’s beautiful store, Lily Rose Co., has been one of my favourite One To Watch boutiques for absolutely ages and she’s truly upped the game on the buying front this season. My little honeybee print will forever make me smile and think of the girls when I catch a glimpse of it.

三. Work has kicked my buttbutt this week. I’m as much of a sassy female boss as the next girl is but the struggle is so real. I think it’s because I ventured outdoors last Sunday and ruined my sleep pattern! But I’m also placing partial blame on my anaemia, which I’ve completely lost track of recently. #SaveMish2016. Needless to say, I was over the moon this afternoon to have finally ticked almost everything off from my work list. Seven days. Killer.

四. We went to a wedding on Friday and it was truly beautiful. It was held at Woburn Abbey which is easily one of the most breathtaking venues you could ever imagine! The entire day was pretty magical, in fact. Wild deer, Japanese pagodas, secret caves and hidden aviaries. Perfect. (PS. A small apology for the past fortnight of Smitten Kitten blog posts. Promise I’ll be less soppy soon.)

五. Last but not least, more recommendations of things to watch and listen to. I’m besotted with queen Jessica Jung and her debut mini album, With Love, J. ‘Fly’ is beautifully summery and rings of classic infectious K-pop; her entire album is damn good but Fly and Dear Diary are always on the tip of my tongue at the moment. I’ve also marathoned through the first arc of Hunter x Hunter at long last and can’t believe I stubbornly decided not to watch it for so many years?! Damn son, it’s good.

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