This week has been marked by a blocked nose, mouth breathing and several time-centric deadlines. In short, it’s been somewhat of a freelancer’s nightmare and a millennial’s way of being told to slow down. I traded in gym sessions for reading sessions, cute sports bras for pyjamas and tucked myself under the duvet most evenings and it’s generally been a ‘feel sorry for myself’ sort of week.

一. Gentle puppy snores, heard in the blackness of the night.

二. The opening chapter of ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne du Maurier. Also the 80th anniversary edition that I bought.

三. Perfectly stacked books and perfectly stacked blankets.

四. Crafting a particularly compelling piece of copy that I’m oh so proud of. (Let’s forget the three-days of writer’s block that came before it.)

五. Almond milk coffees before work.

六. The ability to breathe through one’s nose. Appreciated from the beyond, as a bonafide mouth breather.

七. Binging on the first three episodes of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story in one sitting.

八. New shadows around my bedroom, a side effect of shuffling around my space.

九. A brace of ducks gathered outside our front door on Sunday afternoon.

十. Remembering all of the unique collective nouns we have in the English language. Just a delight.

What’re some of your petite joys lately?

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