Sitting down to write this edition of Sundaze feels like a breath of fresh air. I’ve got my Drive-Thru Starbucks and a page of notes beside me, and I’m watching a tinylibrarys Animal Crossing livestream.

I think what feels the most different this week is consciously stepping back from social media, just for a bit. It’s only been a week, and I’m already brimming with creativity, feeling real emotions, and my shoulders are lbs lighter from not worrying about how I look or present myself online. Not opening up that darned bird app to see barrages of casual racism on my newsfeed, or in my mentions and DMs. I’ve read more, cooked more, chatted on the phone more, and even nipped to Hobbycraft for art supplies. I feel more ‘me’ than I have done all year.

A Social Media Break

Last weekend, I decided to take a break from social media. A proper one. I don’t think I’d taken a ‘properly announced’ break since 2012, and it’s all too easy to get completely caught up in this busy world. Lockdown has been hard on everyone, and although social media and the Internet in general feels like a great place to continue feeling connected, for me it’s been the opposite. It’s loud and all-consuming, and the pressure to ‘be present or else’ has been a lot. I’d actually wanted to take a break from social media after a Tweet of mine went viral back in March. It reached 19 million people and it wasn’t all nice – it’s hard to read thousands of racially motivated remarks on your phone. Just like the ones offline, you don’t easily forget them.

And although it’s only been a week in so far, I have to say: I really like not being on social media. That’s not to say I’ll never return. But I already feel like I’ve learned a lot in not being constantly available or feeling like I need to be always sharing something new. It’s more about sharing what’s valuable and not adding to the noise. I’m planning on taking a further two weeks off, from Twitter at least, and hopefully I’ll return afterwards with more clarity.

For now, you lucky souls get me on here all to yourselves!

All. The. Netflix.

Turns out, when you’re not stressed about making sure you ‘look’ present online and when you’re not scrolling through 12 of the same Instagram photos for about a hundred hours, you have a pocket of time for Netflix again. I really struggle with watching new TV shows and I newly Don’t Like Watching Films. I prefer to watch things that I already know the ending of, shows and series that are a comforting security blanket.

That being said, this week I watched so many great things on Netflix. I finished Unsolved Mysteries, a true crime series that covers a different unsolved case each episode. Although I knew about a few of these before, the series goes into great depth and is really well done. I also watched The Baby-sitter’s Club and LOVED it!! It was such a cosy, feel-good watch, and the accompanying The Claudia Kishi Club was just what I needed to watch. I really recommend you watching both – The Claudia Kishi Club encapsulates much of how I feel whenever there’s a crumb of Asian representation in the media.

Starting to Make Plans

Although lockdown is by no means over for me, I finally booked a hair appointment and a nail appointment and I could cry with happiness. As superficial as it may sound, having quarantine hair has been awful. Six years ago, I lost about a third of my head of hair (and I hid it so well from the Internet!) because of stress and health issues, and so it’s been really hard losing hair again because it’s been in awful condition. Ya girl can’t wait to get her hair snipped (in two weeks’ time)! I also got my nails done for the first time in months, and feel like a whole new woman. Happiness is truly in the tiny things, although spending an hour and a half in my mask was a HOT experience!

Links I’ve Loved

  1. I documented a No Spend Week challenge for The Nottingham Building Society! You can read it here, along with some of my saving tips and habits.
  2. As soon as I saw this recipe for Baked Scallion Bread, all of my childhood memories came flooding back. It’s not vegan, but I think you easily make substitutions.
  3. I only recently discovered Joanne’s blog, and I was thrilled to see a new post from her pop up. In it, she shares some observations during a month away from blogging.
  4. ‘Why It’s Harder to Talk to ‘Nice People’ About Racial Injustice’ via The Everygirl
  5. I also really enjoyed this post about how Asian-Americans can fight anti-blackness. I think all or most of it can be applied outside of the US too!
  6. This Vegan Eggplant BLT Sandwich recipe sounds delicious; I’m definitely going to be making this for our summer garden picnics!
  7. Ever since discovering Karina on Instagram, I’ve been a huge supporter of her content. In this post, she talks about how it felt to go self-employed at the start of an unexpected global pandemic.

Posts This Week

  • How and Where I Find Books to Read
  • Why I Still Blog, Even After 10 Years

How was your week? Now that I’m away from social media for a few weeks, let’s catch up properly in the comments!

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