Happy Sunday! And welcome to another cosy Sundaze post. I’m writing this from my old favourite writing spot; perched on my Granny’s armchair. It feels comforting and nostalgic all at once. Rain is pelting down just beyond the diamond-hatched windowpanes, a blissful respite from the unnatural heat from earlier in the week. I think the Brit in me is always somewhat drawn to rain, in a masochistic manner. At my side, the remnants of our Indian takeaway (so delicious!), and on the other, my notes for this week’s post.

It’s been unnervingly hot in the UK this week. Even having spent numerous summers in Hong Kong and Malaysia where temperatures soar to humid 34°C on the daily, it was pretty strange to be sat in our insulated, carpeted brick house, trying to get on with things in 36°C heat. I just about got by with placing a bowl of cold water in front of a fan and storming through a few books!

Your girl was on annual leave!

I’ve been on annual leave this week, and it has felt like a giant hug and an audible exhalation of relief at the same time. In the end, Harvey and I decided against booking a UK trip, because I couldn’t shake the constant worry and anxiety, but it’s been a great week nonetheless. We’ve enjoyed (takeaway) coffee dates at our favourite local independent, evenings cooking together, and I’ve read two books, finished Dirty John: Betty, and started working on a new photo series. Oh, and I embarked on a four-day, 396-ticket strong villager hunt for Lily on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Yup.

As expected, just two short days in, my bullet journal spread dedicated to Daisybutter content ideas was brimming with concepts. Working in a creative role by day means that oftentimes I struggle to let my blog and personal project ideas truly flourish, but I’m always grateful for pockets of time like these that let me try new things. Hopefully in a few weeks, I’ll be able to share some of these and talk you through the ‘behind the scenes’ a little as well!

Thoughts on the end of ‘lockdown’

It’s been almost five months since lockdown was imposed in England, and things are beginning to return to ‘normal’. But I can’t help but think that it all seems too soon and underprepared. On a personal note, I’m still rarely leaving the house. I’m running a few errands here and there, but I’m yet to take a train, book a trip away, or even dare driving over to visit my pregnant(!!) best friend. I’m carrying face masks around with me religiously, and overthinking every single time I know I need to head out. How are you feeling about the COVID-19 management system?

A Daisybutter Book Club?

Now that I’m slowly getting back into Instagram again, I’m finding my groove in sharing smaller snippets of my life and, mostly, what I’m reading. For a long time I’ve tried to stay away from hosting a proper ‘Book Club’, but I’m very tempted to start one so that we can all start reading and talking about particular books together. At the moment, I’m envisioning it as a fortnightly title that we can discuss on Instagram and/or Discord, and the titles will be a mix of the genres I enjoy: activism, historical fiction, family sagas, non-fiction, East Asian representation.

Like I said, I’m still mulling this one over, but if you’re interested in this too, let me know in a comment or a DM over on Instagram or Twitter.

Links I’ve Loved

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  3. Graduating into a recession was tough, but it’s not a patch on those graduating into a pandemic as well as a recession. Evie’s post about her graduation experience is really insightful.
  4. The Zoella x Etsy collection is live! And the pieces all look so beautiful. Just look at those ceramics!
  5. I often wish that I’d considered taking a gap year before Uni; Francisca details why you should think about it too.
  6. US readers, here’s how to vote by mail.
  7. These gorgeous cabins and shepherd’s huts have gone straight on my bookmarks, ready for when I feel better about booking a trip away.
  8. I think we all enjoy a good enemy-to-lover plot during this summer. Anika shares the best enemies-to-lovers books on her blog.

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How has your week been? What were your heatwave survival tactics?

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