As I predicted, my original 2021 bullet journal is already finished. A combination of becoming extra reliant on it in an effort to cultivate some sort of routine in an uprooted year, and starting to long-form journal again, means I’ve used up my beloved Papier × Rosie Assoulin notebook. The only thing that feels better than adding a new notebook to my stash? Using every single page of the old one.

While I’ve somewhat deliberately kept my bullet journal away from the online world this year, I’ve had plenty of questions from friends and readers about what I write about and how I’m filling up these pages. And so I thought it’d be an interesting project for me to sit down and consider that for myself! I’ve been a keen diarist my entire life and have kept some form of planner, schedule or journal for almost all of my adult life too. I haven’t quite dared myself to open up those notebooks just yet, but the overarching theme is self-preservation. A budding need to capture every moment, no matter how mundane, and tell others that I’m here, I existed. But perhaps that’s a tale for another day!

For now, let me take you on a whistlestop tour of my 2021: Chapter Two bullet journal, the chapter two if you will…

Index page

Many bullet journallers do away with the index page but I find it incredibly useful. This is probably because I scatter new trackers throughout my journal, but I also often need to flip back to old daily spreads to check my notes. And, when I began my counselling journey a few months ago, I found it helpful to easily be able to flip back to past long-form journal entries to reflect on how certain situations made me feel in the moment.

A condensed reading log

I started 2021 feeling very optimistic that I’d have the time and headspace to pick my old reading rhythm up again. Oh how I was wrong! I drew a beautiful bay window and bookcase reading log for my first bullet journal and it’s looking very sad and empty… I decided to sketch a smaller version for my new journal – this way I can feel motivated to fill it and properly document what I read in this season of my life. I colour-code this to the months, too, and simply note down the book’s title and author.

Refreshed vision board (not pictured)

When I first started vision boarding in 2019, I was sceptical. But I’m truly a convert to how putting your dreams on paper helps you to manifest the life you want. The idea is that you create a moodboard full of everything that speaks to you, and place it somewhere you can see but others can’t. My bullet journal is the perfect space for that. My vision for the rest of 2021 is different to what I imagined back in December, so I’m working on a brand new one!

Client tracker

Can I let you in on a secret? I’m freelancing again from August! And so my old, tried-and-tested client tracker is making a return. This time, I plan to balance it alongside running Daisybutter as a ‘proper thing’, and I’d like to establish good boundaries and time management so I think this tracker will prove really helpful.

K-drama and anime log

Something I’ve been ‘letting’ myself do so far in 2021 is enjoy the things I love without guilt or reservation. It’s really sad in hundreds of ways how I boxed away the hobbies and interests I adored simply, and now I’m delighted to be back to my old ways (i.e. not leaving the house and binge watching series all in one go). If anyone’s interested, here are some old posts about the K-dramas I’d recommend giving a go. Having said that, as a 30-year-old woman with plenty going on, this log helps me to keep on top of what I’m watching, which episode, and ultimately what I thought of it too.

Self-care checklist

The wonderful Sian and her Be Messy Be Magic website led me to creating a Mental Health Handbook earlier this year. I’ve added in one of the resources to my bullet journal as a regular reminder to make time and take care of myself way more than I used to. I often feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I enjoy doing (gaming, writing, reading, spending time with friends, walking Milo, taking a bath, going to a nail appointment…) and this is an easy way for me to simply pick one thing and do it well.

Long-form journaling

The best thing I ever did for my self-worth, personal growth and healing was begin long-form journaling again. This is the core component of my bujo these days; I put together my weekly spread as the week rolls around, and then write pages and pages each day about the mundanities of my day to day. The entries vary each day and I very rarely use prompts (although Francisca has a great thread on Twitter). Instead, each morning I unload my earliest thoughts, then I add to the entry throughout the day. It helps me to navigate my Piscean emotions, jot down ideas and untangle any messy thoughts I have. Often by the evening stretch, I’ve figured out some of my morning feels!

Some things you could journal about:

  • How you slept
  • A hope for the future
  • How you’re building towards the life you want
  • Something somebody did for you
  • How they made you feel
  • Simply, how you’re feeling right now
  • A small moment happening as you sit in front of your notebook
  • An unearthed, old memory and how it feels to you now
  • What your dream day looks like – no holds barred

Needless to say, I’m incredibly excited to start using my newly dubbed 2021: Chapter Two bullet journal. There’s plenty I’ve learned over the last six months that I’ve been looking forward to expanding on.

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