Now that we’ve stepped into the second half of the year, I feel decidedly sunnier with a brighter outlook. I’ve got a trip to see one of my best friends in the South of France planned in the diary, a whole host of hobbies I love plugging away at, and there’s so much to be grateful for.

There’s a lot to be said for appreciating the smaller, not necessarily finer details of the everyday mundane. Here’s to another list of petite, open-hearted joys, the moments that’ve brought and woven poetry to my days, this fortnight:

一. That fresh out of the shower, cosy slippers, fresh candle and cool breeze feeling. Inimitable.

二. Diffusing eucalyptus oil each evening. It’s so refreshing and relaxing at the same time. I’m using one from Boots’ Botanics collection!

三. Using my new bullet journal! I love the new notebook feeling, and writing on crisp new pages is a truly unbeatable feeling.

四. How beautiful Dad’s rose garden smells at the moment.

五. Slowing down my reading pace and replacing some of that time with intense book research and shopping. There’s so many gorgeous copies of books that I’m trying to track down!

六. Bringing my new car home! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for something in my life. I even enjoyed kitting it out with a new diffuser (I made a custom & Chai one!), dog seat and aesthetically pleasing baskets in the boot.

七. How it feels when you sit down with new anime episodes to watch, and a freshly prepared snack and Vitasoy carton to devour.

八. Evening drives with my sister and ‘catching up’ with each other even when we spend 24 hours seven days a week together.

九. The instant blissful feeling of being at a nail appointment. An hour and fifteen minutes of chattering away to my nail technician, getting pampered and no screen time.

十. A little date afternoon in our neighbouring town: we grabbed Vietnamese food and swapped even more family stories.

What’re some of the little joys in your life lately?

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