Ten tiny details that’ve made my week begin to glimmer with festivity. 

By this time – the 3rd of December, would you believe?! – I’m sure you’re already amped up and ready for the 25th, right? We’ve been in my beautiful Hong Kong for the past week and it’s been absolutely glorious, soaking up my favourite city’s vibes, taking my love to all of my old favourite haunts, eating SO much excellent food and introducing him to family and friends… Like I mentioned so often last December whilst waiting impatiently to fly home to my loved ones, here holds a different sort of festive vibe but a joyful one all the same.

一. Waking up to the classic Hong Kong smog, weather mild and vibes chill.

二. Seeing the weird and wonderful Christmas displays around the city! I mean, The Landmark and ifc’s displays are pretty special but they don’t even nearly compare to the evergreen beauty of Liberty London and of Harrods.

三. Opening up each mini paper door of the Lindt advent calendar that I sneaked into my suitcase for Harvey! There’s not a chance I was missing this year’s calendar.

四. Getting to show my boyfriend all of my favourite hidden nooks and crannies of the city.

五. Hearing snippets of Christmas music everywhere we go. The best!

六. Cosying up in the hotel room (no apartment, boo!) each evening and chattering excitedly about our plans for the Christmas period.

七. Rereading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for, honestly, the billionth time. I reread it in the summer but also packed it with me for the ultimate home comfort whilst away for 3 weeks.

八. Our new Nike LunarEpics! We bought matching trainers before our trip and they’re so comfy I can’t quite get my head around it.

九. Finally picking up my Secret Santa gift for the year!!

十. The thought and promise of arriving home to sub-zero temperatures and having to wrap up really warm for our journey back home. Yay!

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