I can hardly believe it’s almost November.

How have you been? Tell me all about your October!

After plenty of ruminating about how (and if) I should share online, I’m finding my feet again with this space. Since speaking with a few of you, I decided to pull back from everything a little. I still enjoy sharing my life with this community, but I realised I love the kinship I feel specifically from writing long-form, heart-to-heart pieces and simply talking about books. So, we’re feeling things out from here on; more blogging, less social media noise.

October has been all kinds of lovely. It started with Paris Fashion Week at work; I’d forgotten how much I love working in the fashion industry and my current job allows me to lean into that, but with all of the values and ethics that I live my life by. PFW was expectedly busy and it took up far more of my energy than I’d anticipated. Since the pandemic, I’ve noticed I need far more time to restore my energy, which is fine by me!

Elodie was in town for a week, so I of course moved around my schedule to make plans with her! London is where we first started to cause chaos together, and it always feels special to continue doing so more than 10 years later. We headed out to Cecconi’s for pasta and cocktails, before more cocktails elsewhere, and had the most delightful catch-up! … Then I stole more of her time by popping out to Shoryu Ramen for lunch at the weekend. But hey! When international friends are visiting, you have to see them!

The girls and I had a spooky crafts day last week. I’m not huge on Halloween, but I know my girls are and I can never pass up a themed craft session. We had so much fun painting and Cricut-ing the hours away. I totally recommend picking up the phone and organising a crafts day with your pals soon!

My boyfriend and I are effectively the same person, so we’ve enjoyed several cosy, slow weekends spent mostly at home. Our idea of a dream weekend is breakfast in bed, a country walk followed by a country pub lunch, and an evening indoors. And that we did in abundance! I always think it’s so important to get in these slow weekends before ‘entertaining season’ starts and suddenly weekends are full of festive plans and gatherings. That’s our little tip to you!

Moreover, October has been the month of restoring my routines and leaning into the Sunday reset that I find so important for keeping me on track. It may sound ridiculous, but putting aside time specifically to book in my hair/lash/nail/therapy appointments, take care of cervical screenings, take my car for its MOT, and even slotting time away for those ‘I could do it later’ tasks makes a world of difference. I’m really glad I’m no longer chasing after pockets of time or complaining that I was too lazy yesterday to complete an essential task. Life feels so good and manageable.

What I’ve Been Watching

  • Luckiest Girl Alive (Netflix) TW: sexual abuse, rape, PTSD, gun violence and trauma
  • Dahmer (Netflix)
  • House of the Dragon (HBO)
  • Laguna Beach (NOW TV)
  • My Wife and Kids (Disney+)
  • SPY x FAMILY (Crunchyroll)
  • Frozen Planet II (BBC)
  • The Happening (Disney+)

What I’ve Been Listening To

  • Back to the Beach
  • Was It Real? The Hills Rewatch
  • Conscious Chatter
  • Taylor Swift – ‘evermore’
  • Taylor Swift – ‘Midnights’
  • The 1975 – ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’
  • Friends with Friends

What I’m Playing

  • Cozy Grove
  • Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch
  • Guardian Tales
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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