Good morning and welcome to another Sundaze! Right now as I tap away at my keyboard, I’ve a reel of fresh YouTube videos streaming on the TV, a coffee by my side and a beady-eyed puppy watching me intently. It’s bliss, let me tell you that. Today… I wasn’t sure if I’d write anything. This weekend marked the one-year anniversary since my Granny passed away and it’s been tough. This entire year has been tough. Grief is a strange one, isn’t it? I grew up so quickly over the past 12 months and learned that grief comes in many forms and creeps up on you when you least expect it. It’s an emotion that, surprisingly, doesn’t sit constantly on your mind but sits with you, rather. When the time is right – and that isn’t now – I think I’d like to write about this further.

So, February, eh? 2017 is zooming past us. Let’s catch up:

一. Went to visit the Chinese doctor on Tuesday to figure out what the hell is actually wrong with me. My stomach has been all over the place and I’ve been suffering with a real not-nice scalp issue and so we headed over and… I’ve been diagnosed with acute stress! Is that even a diagnosis? Apparently so, 2017. I was diagnosed and referred with this back in 2013, so I’m back on medication for a little while and I’ve legit been booked in for a healing massage. Could be worse, I suppose.

二. I’m featuring these in an outfit post next week but I was gifted these shit hot new boots from 4th & Reckless and I love them! They’re the Alexa boots in black and I just adore the smoke heel detail. I haven’t worn heeled boots in absolutely ages – this freelancer life – and they’re all I’ve been wearing this week for running errands, popping out and grabbing lunch. Still stuck to the Hunter’s for dog walks though.

三. I struggled a LOT with work this week. It’s been a little quieter than I’d like and so I’ve lacked the motivation to get on with admin things and the smaller tasks that actually keep my business ticking over. However, I did have a huge writing brainwave on Friday night once Daisybf headed off to work, and I managed to write a huge batch of blog posts!

四. On Thursday I packed up shop and headed out to London to hang out with the wonderful Jazmine and have a nose at the Next Summer 2017 press day. And it felt oh so good to get back to my ol’ blogging game! We caught up on as much as we could possibly fit into a three-hour gap, mused over beautiful homeware and clothing, ate the best brunch ever and even had a peruse in Liberty. I think these weekly coffee dates with my blogger girls are just the ticket to keep my motivation ticking!

五. Last but not least, I uploaded a shiny new video this morning! My YouTube channel is well and truly back and, for once, I genuinely look forward to spotting ‘Film YouTube video, refer to schedule’ in my planner. My favourite part by far is editing it together and prepping thumbnails, etc. but hopefully I’ll get in the swing of things again soon. Do let me know if Fashion Favourites, lookbooks, and that kind of thing appeals?

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