Hello and happy Lunar New Year to you all! Today is the second day of the lunar calendar and the festivities continued with a dim sum feast session. I even uploaded a new YouTube video today! (Watch it here.) It’s been a pretty quiet week around these parts whilst our family geared up for New Year but here’s a little rundown of what we’ve been up to:

一. Yesterday we celebrated Lunar New Year with the customary home dinner. Food is prepared in a particular way as an offering to the Kitchen God and you can’t deny that, eh? Red lanterns are scattered all over the house and we’ve been carrying out all of the little traditions.

二. This week I finally managed to frame not one but four prints for my bedroom. I’ve been back in England for 11 months now and I’ve only just round to picking up some frames from Dunelm Mill and getting my room finished! How freakin’ chic are album cover frames, by the way? I’m definitely not cool enough to frame vinyls but I did frame a quote taken from last year’s kikki.K in one. My other prints are by Ella, Lily Rose Co. and Dear Charlie Designs, in case you were wondering! Direct links below!

(‘Stay Wild’ A4 print, £20, Ella Masters Studio;
‘Honey Bee’ foiled print, £4.90-£9, Lily Rose Co.;
‘Wit Beyond Measure’ foiled print, £12, Dear Charlie Designs.)

三. In a similar vein, I picked up that giant pom-pom throw from Urban Outfitters that’s featured in plenty of my wish lists and shopping bar down at the bottom of my layout. I noticed it’d been reduced from £40 to £28 and so treated myself and it arrived two days ago. It’s so ridiculously soft and adds the most adorable twist to my bedding. It’s also available in mustard yellow if that tickles your pickle.

四. Went to my second Barrecore class earlier this week and I think I’m officially obsessed. It’s so much fun breaking out of my comfort zone and going to something like that alone, never mind actually working out with people in the room. It reminds me of my old Tuesday evening dance class routine and it even spurs me on to eat healthily – well, up until Friday, that is! I think I’ll be adding another class to my week soon. I’m thinking of writing a post all about my experience, so if you have any burning questions, fire them my way!

五. Last but certainly not least, it’s Milo’s first birthday today and I’ve been an OTT dog Mama. We treated him to one of the homemade Barking Bakery pup-cakes from Pets At Home and an ice-it-yourself doggy bone biscuit. Obviously he wasn’t allowed to eat it all in one sitting but he absolutely loved trying them both! His little party was so adorable. Photos to come, along with a one-year p-update if you’re interested?

Links I’ve Loved

  • This post about the Women’s March made for a brilliant read in solidarity whilst the world (*cough* Trump’s America) seemingly melts into bits.
  • Gem pulled it out of the bag again for National Chocolate Day on Friday with this incredible Individual Chocolate Cake recipe. Mama and I are hoping to bake these next week!
  • I picked up one of Ella’s ‘Stay Wild’ prints from her store and it’s going up in my room later tonight. It’s a limited run of 100 prints, so be sure to grab one whilst you can!

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