Surprise! I’m dropping in today after all. Sliding into your blog feeds like… well, a good old-fashioned blogger.

This week has been fairly uneventful if I’m honest and I’ve spent most of it working myself into a tizzy about Instagram of all things. Do I delete all my photos and start again in a bid to kick-start my creativity again? Do I just go full throttle with a fresh set of photos that I personally find inspiring and a good representation of me? Who even knows. To be honest, it’s frankly insane that I’ve spent so many hours worrying about an app! In a bid to cut down on my Instagram fears, I’ve reinstalled my ‘Space’ app to monitor how long I’m spending on social media apps or my phone in general. In 5 years time, am I going to value hours spent thinking about filtered squares or hours spent having a jolly good time and only taking hashtag candid photos?

Anyway! Here’s a links round-up of everything that I’ve enjoyed reading lately, for your reading pleasure…

  • Byrdie published a brilliant article about the beauty industry’s plastic problem and shared some notes on how it can be tackled. The packaging side of things is definitely an issue and I’m definitely going to spend an evening looking through my stash and considering how I’ll be disposing or recycling them.
  • My wonderful friend Kristabel shared her take on money diaries and it was incredibly insightful. She’s a full-time blogger, so if you’re curious on her weekly expenditure, head on over to find out more!
  • I woke up on Monday morning and spent an entire hour reading through Fifi’s house renovation archive. As you’ll know, I viewed some properties with a view to buying last weekend so I found her kitchen makeover SO interesting. Isn’t her modern farmhouse kitchen-diner stunning?
  • In need of some new blogs to read? Jemma shared ten bloggers who’re keeping the community feel alive and they’re all great! Plus, click here to find my own blogroll.
  • I’ve recently realised that I don’t enjoy drinking all that much, so this post on Lottie’s blog was a great source of comfort to me.
  • Women in Interracial Relationships Share the Most Frustrating Comments They Receive — need I say more?
  • Money, money money… I’m really enjoying reading finance posts online at the moment because money is such a taboo topic. This one on Cupcakes & Cashmere details some research-backed tips on how to be smarter with your money.
  • I fell in LOVE with this small-space apartment on The Organized Home.
  • This week was World Meat-Free Week and I loved this short video with ten vegan Japanese recipes. I can’t wait to try some of these out!
  • I’m going away in two weeks and am totally going to be following this relaxed week countdown exercise regime from Lottie. Even if you’re not going away (all bodies are bikini bodies), it looks like a really great, chilled way to add some exercise to your week.
  • As the designated friend-that-gives-dim-sum-tips, I LOVED Shu’s dim sum etiquette video. While you’re over there, subscribe to her channel because her content mix of food and travel films is just so bloody perfect!

What was your favourite online read this week?

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