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Lavender season is in full swing! And if you follow me on Instagram, you might have spotted some photos of me prancing about in a lavender field and getting all social media cliche on you… I live in a smallish town just 20 minutes’ drive from the stunning Hitchin Lavender Field, and I’ve been meaning to pay the farm a visit for years. So when Ghenet and I decided to plan in a long overdue girlfriend date, we settled on spending an afternoon at the field, cutting our own lavender and shooting some pretty damn aesthetic photos whilst at it.

Of course for the occasion I couldn’t resist whipping out my beloved sherbet lemon dress from H&M. I wore it to the Blogosphere Awards and then for a holiday date night, but knew it would be perfect matched to a stretch of lavender plants. The delicate off-shoulder sleeves, form-fitting cut and swishy midi length culminate to create my dream summer dress.

The lavender field is just a short drive from Hitchin and actually resides in the sweet village of Ickleford. Directions are easy to follow and the car park is just a little further along from the pedestrian entrance. Plus, there’s a wheelchair-accessible lavender field area which is SUCH a thoughtful touch. Best of all, Hitchin Lavender pride themselves on 25 miles of lavender, sunflowers and wildflowers, all of which you’re free to take cuttings from, so you can create a gorgeous bouquet to take home in your little paper bag. Onsite, there are teepees to sit beneath and a 17th century barn — I just LOVE my corner of this globe! — where you can grab a spot to eat (there are veggie and vegan options too!). If you have a little extra time, there’s also onsite afternoon tea if that’s your kind of thing. Because, trust me, lavender field adventuring is tiring!

Anyway! Onto the tips…

1. Take a scarf or jacket

… To shelter from bees! I must admit I was fairly unprepared when it came to guarding from bee stings, but of course a lavender farm visit comes hand in hand with a swarm of bees. Bees won’t sting you unless they feel attacked, so the key is so move slowly and take a soft piece of clothing that you can use to create a pathway in front of you or use to cover your exposed skin. Nine times out of ten, your ‘fear’ will simply be fear of the unknown much like mine! I’m a huge advocate for bees but also terrified of being stung! I was eventually stung when a bee flew up my dress and got stuck, where it stung me on my bikini line and then flew even further up towards my bra.

2. Wear study footwear

The tangles of shrubbery underfoot are a nightmare to navigate and I almost face-planted several times! Granted our visit was when the lavender plants were at the peak and so the pathways were barely visible, but it’s important to remember nonetheless. If you’re there to shoot, pack your fancy shoes and change into them once you’ve found your optimum spot.

3. Consider matching your outfit to your surroundings

Welcome to the world of blogging and online influencers where you need to pick your outfits wisely depending on your current Instagram theme… But really! Make the most out of the stunning purple hues by matching, complementing or contrasting your look with the field. This handy chart lets you easily select the perfect complement colour. Additionally, think about taking a hat or basket bag to create the perfect prop. You could also browse Instagram to see what other creators are wearing in their lavender field snaps.

4. Move around and have fun with it!

Yes, the lavender field is likely to be packed with both people and bees, but when shooting anywhere, the key is to move around (slowly, to avoid blurs), encourage natural movement even in a still frame and ultimately have fun with it. Play with your flower clippings, pretend to be a Disney princess, show some leg, take note of what your arms are doing and consider your end output. Sometimes throwing an arm in the air will balance your shot perfectly!

5. Take a friend you can trust to cheerlead you

One of the reasons I love hanging out with Ghenet is that she’s the ultimate cheerleader! I’ve never been the most confident in front of the camera, so it’s nice when your mate cheers you on. They can also help you with setting out your shot and the practical side of things, so take someone you’re totally at ease with and who you can maybe show that Pinterest board of pose/shoot ideas. And the same goes for selecting a photographer: I regularly work with Kaye who is awesome at directing me to look a little more natural, make me laugh and make considered suggestions so that our final shots are perfect.

Have you visited any flower fields yet this summer? I’m dying to visit a confetti field!

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