For some reason, it has only just hit me that Christmas is a mere 2 months away and I have SO much crammed into my diary bullet journal that I should probably knuckle down and get my affairs in order. So of course I chose to spend the past 12 hours devouring the newest Making A Murderer episodes that were released on Friday. The docu-series that originally debuted on Netflix in 2015 is one of my absolute favourites.

I fondly remember spending an entire day in my tiny Hong Kong apartment, watching each episode with laser focus and not taking a single break, except when I ordered pizza and took my MacBook to the door so as not to miss a moment or waste a minute. The case was fascinating to me at the time and still is: I joined hundreds of people on the Reddit thread, attempting to debunk what happened. And the series follow-up has been a juicy reward after 3 years’ of waiting.

Anyway… mandatory Netflix procrastination aside, let’s recount the week in hand.

A Tartle website refresh

At the top of my list to-do, this week, was a website refresh for my business, Tartle Copywriting. It’d been about a year since our launch and I felt the website absolutely needed a little facelift to match our current offerings. After all, I spend so much time working with fellow creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners on polishing and launching their websites and online presences that it only made sense to focus similarly on my own. If you have a moment, I’d love for you to come and visit the site. I’ve recently launched some brand new packages suited to business owners, bloggers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Visiting Leeds

Harvey and I hopped on a train on Thursday afternoon to visit Leeds for the very first time! Although I’d technically visited Leeds before when accompanying Mum to sort out some properties that she lets there, this was the first time I had the opportunity to really look around the city. And we were both pleasantly surprised, if not blown away, by the beautiful city!

My phone is totally on its last legs at the moment so I have minimal photos to share, but we kickstarted our visit with dinner at Bundobust, a vegetarian Indian street food place not far from the station. Phoebe recommended it to us and we LOVED it here! Their craft beer selection was vast (and delicious), and we absolutely loved the food. Then we had a stroll around the city centre, before retiring to our hotel.

The next day, I was booked in to lecture for a group of Fashion Marketing students at Leeds Beckett University. Harvey accompanied me (he’s seriously an absolute dream) to the campus, and afterwards to grabbed some sushi in the city centre, visited Kirkgate Market, and dreamt up dream decor for our future home before walking 30 minutes for vegan coffee and doughnuts at Temple. If you ever visit Leeds, I totally recommend you visit this spot!

Guest lecturer for a day!

On Friday, I was a lecturer for a day! I was invited by one of my undergraduate lecturers to speak to her Fashion Marketing students about how I broke into the industry and eventually got to where I am now. And it went okay, surprisingly. I’m notoriously a terrible public speaker, but it was really rewarding to speak to the undergrads and impart wisdom about the industry. I know for sure that when I was 20 years old, I would’ve LOVED the opportunity to speak to people who’d already nabbed a role in the industry and quizzed them on their interning experiences, job application experiences, and even going against the tide (as I did) and setting up shop to go it alone.

Making A Murderer

Bringing things back to the focal point of my weekend — have you seen the newest episodes of Making A Murderer yet? The series captivated audiences in 2015/16 and after the longest wait ever, the producers released another 10 episodes, documenting the events from 2016 until present day. I watched the first eight episodes yesterday and the final two this morning, and feel pretty satisfied with it. It’s worth a watch if you followed the first series and sheds new light on pieces of evidence that were, controversially, originally ‘left out’ of the docu-series. Although I followed the case closely after the first series, it was still fascinating to watch the pieces of this puzzle slowly come (back) together. It focuses on Avery’s new lawyer and her steps to undoing the story. I’m no longer on the fence about Avery’s guilt or innocence (alright, give me those eyes emojis haha). How about you?

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