It’s become tradition for me to open up each year on Daisybutter with a new creative project.

There was my brown notebook, which is packed full of lists about what made me happy in that moment, my favourite chocolate bars and with magazine cuttings to boot; my Jar Project, where I filled up a Kilner jar with memories written on scraps of paper; my Project Life scrapbook, which is a seriously heavy photo book full of the moments from my year-and-a-bit living abroad; and then there was my Bullet Journal.

This year, I’m breaking tradition and my creative endeavour is to, again, bullet journal.

I first got into bullet journalling in late 2017, when I avidly pored over every single bujo video on YouTube, followed countless Instagram accounts and Pinned ALL THE PINS. It seemed like the perfect solution for this list-making, task-loving, messy-brained girl who was running a business, trying to maintain a social life, wanted to document her days and ran a blog too.

New to bullet journalling? Catch up on my introduction to bullet journalling, peek into my sister’s bujo, discover 30 ideas for yours, and read all about how I got on after a year using the system.

As such, my 2019 bullet journal will be used for a mixture of the above. I’ve created a set of trackers and collections at the start of the journal, which I walk you through within this post, and will then go on to create weekly logs and adhoc to-do lists, etc. I’m hoping to experiment with Dutch doors and a few different productivity systems, but give a gal some time…!

Journal by Mossery
My key system for 2019

My title page this year is perfectly imperfect(!!) and was inspired by the beautiful Diptyque candle labels. I’ve always enjoyed Serif typeface and felt it’d kick-start an elegant theme for this year’s journal. The stickers are from Mulberry AW11 and have subtle gold foil details, pulling together my usual navy, black, white and gold colour palette. I’ve also gravitated towards my key system from last year, purely because I have that ingrained in my mind and it’ll make things much easier when I use it in January.

Annual Set-Up

Future Log

Future Log

Something that I failed to include last year was a Future Log. This is a collection that Ryder Carroll recommends and I felt that my A6 journal was just too small to comfortably add one in. But it became quickly apparent that I’d need one about 2 months in!

The Future Log is basically a year-to-view spread where you can list out key dates, events, birthdays and other occasions, and becomes a reference for your monthly/weekly/daily logs. When it comes to adding monthly and daily logs, you can then check for what’s been planned and transfer it over for top-notch organisation.

Mine is fairly simple and includes uppercase handwriting, cursive lettering, Stabilo Pastel highlighters and the Flowers & Fireflies Sticker Sheet by Lace + Whimsy.

2019 Reading List

Like I mentioned in one of my final posts last year, I have really gotten back into reading and I can only hope this love doesn’t end anytime soon. Once again, I’ve entered the new year armed with plenty of Christmas gift books that I can’t wait to get stuck into, and this year I wanted to create a dedicated manual tracker in my bujo that’ll run in tandem with my Goodreads account.

The inspiration for this page came from Pinterest and Kelly’s bookshelf tracker.

I loved the idea of drawing out a bookshelf with bound books stacked everywhere and there’s space for 36 books on this page. I’ll then fill in the titles and colour the tomes in as I go! On the opposite page is an inspirational quote sticker (yes I know, I hate myself too), and I suppose I can draw an extra shelf or two there if needed.

2019 Reading List

To-Buy Tracker

To-Buy Tracker

Once again, I’m using a to-buy tracker because I found that my 2018 version really helped me to get on top of my spending and take a good look at where my money was going. Rather than an expense or budget tracker that seems so popular in the bullet journal community, I wanted a tracker that’d actively stop me from spending so much.

For instance, in January I’ve added in the spa day that my friends and I are going on, the portion of Sophie’s present we’ll be buying, and a wrongly spelt An Edited Life by Anna Newton of The Anna Edit! I can then treat myself to just two other things in that month. I can also log things to buy that I’d otherwise forget! (i.e. finds from Instagram, blogs, etc.)

In 2019, I’ll be buying my first house so I really need to curb my spending and focus on stocking up on things like a kettle, toaster, sofa and hoover!

Top Performing Posts

Again, I found it useful to note down the two best performing blog posts each month so that I could refer to them when planning new posts.

I tend to plan in the bulk of my posts each quarter and then do month-ahead planning. Hopefully this works even harder for me this year because I really want to up my blogging game!

To fill it in, I simply pop onto my Google Analytics on the first of each month, filter by page and then note down the top two titles.

Outfit Location Checklist

I haven’t shot with Kaye or Sarah in FOREVER but I’m itching to get out and create some photography magic with them for both Daisybutter and Instagram. Here I’ll be creating an outfit location checklist, noting down spots I’ve found on my travels or on Instagram, and ticking them off as I go!

This will also be great if you have any upcoming travels, so you can plan those dreamy #girltravels shots.

Top Performing Posts/Outfit Location Checklist

House Fund Tracker

House Fund Tracker

Like I keep word vomiting in this post… I’m buying a house this year! And whilst I’m mostly there with my house funds, I did dip into my savings last year when I wasn’t paid by any clients for nearly 6 months. Yep. So I’m topping myself up and am also saving for an immediate renovation, should the house need one.

I sketched an adorable cottage in the centre to keep me on track (need to finish it in pen!), and then sketched a crap ton of bricks all over the page. I’m yet to decide how much one brick will be worth, but it’ll eventually be super colourful and – hopefully – full! Operation Chez Daisybutter is officially a go!

Vegan Cheat Sheets

Like many of us in 2019, I’m now going to be following a plant-based diet. And whilst I’m sure there may be one or two slip-ups whilst I transition from being a vegetarian, I wanted to set myself up in the best possible way.

Enter the cheat sheets! These four boxes will eventually house lists of go-to restaurants, snacks, quick meals and supermarkets that are particularly vegan-friendly. Personally, I feel like the social aspect will prove the most difficult as I often ate ‘accidentally vegan’ at home last year, but this page will be an easy reference when I’m out.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Cheat Sheet

Like above, this is where I’ll be documenting my best and worst cruelty-free beauty brands to make it a touch easier to shop when perusing Sasa and Space.NK.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty Cheat Sheets

January Cover Page

Monthly Log

Finally, my monthly logs! This year I’m opening each month with a collage/journal style, double-page spread. Again, keeping the Diptyque-inspired lettering, I’ve added in a monthly calendar and matched the colour to that in my Future Log.

Though it isn’t pictured in this post, I did eventually add in a Fitness Tracker (I’ll highlight every day that I managed to either walk 10,000 steps, work out, hit the gym or visit the Barre studio), glued in some pretty scrap paper and wrote a small Monthly Goals list.

I really hope you enjoyed perusing the opening pages of my 2019 bullet journal. I thoroughly enjoyed putting them together this year and think it’ll be paramount to a happy, successful and fulfilling year for me. Plus I’ve included plenty of space to use it as a creative journal, so it’ll almost feel like a scrapbook by New Year’s Eve!

What was your favourite page or collection?

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