Nine. Years.


Even I had to sit and count the years on my archives before I believed it. Today marks an incredible nine years of blogging on this website. And in an age where everyone seems to be in a frenzy about the ‘future of blogging’ and whether or not blogs are dead, I wanted to take 10 minutes to commemorate this milestone and talk a little about how the blogging world looks and feels to me, nine years on.

Wearing: Jumper by & Other Stories, Jeans by Zara, Kori boots by Alexander Wang.

It’s no secret that blogging in 2019 denotes a bonafide industry, where thousands of people produce truly beautiful, creative content that inspires, educates, shows and shares. It’s flourished far beyond what any of us could’ve imagined and it’s been fascinating to watch.

The blogging industry was born from an inherent love for sharing (it’s human nature to want to share things with one another) as well as a distrust in the media. First we wanted to find genuine reviews of products that weren’t biased because of PR placement in magazines, next we wanted to learn more about the real people behind our websites, and then we became the most exciting media platform.

Whether you like it or not, there has been a seismic shift in the media landscape and that includes across blogs. The surge in demand for nowness and newness means that platforms like blogs, Instagram and Twitter are more popular than ever and long-leading and long-form content is being left in the dust.

As a fashion journalism graduate, it’s pretty sad to see but also incredibly exciting as we each stand to share a slice of the pie. Content creation has always been my first love, and it continues to be as I watch the industry transform before my eyes.

Even little Daisybutter has transformed over these nine years. I started by sharing reviews, then sharing University work, then my outfits as a student, before slowly moulding the site into what it is now, a place to offload thoughts in the hopes somebody just like me finds it useful.

I think that’s how and why I’ve managed to stick at it for so long, even when the community spent 2017 and 2018 panicking that blogging was dead. But in truth? We are the company that we keep. The community (and industry) thrives as long as we each keep creating, sharing and supporting each other. It’s promising to see so many bloggers and Instagrammers picking up reading again, because beyond the fact that books are seeing a well-deserved resurrection, it means we’re all desperate to read long-form content again.

In these nine years, running Daisybutter has changed my life irrevocably. From the way I choose to spend my days to my outlook in life, I’m certainly not who I was when I was solely pursuing journalism as a career. I’ve been a guest of incredible brands at even more incredible events, I’ve covered London Fashion Week several times and interviewed designers that I dreamed about meeting, I’ve been nominated for multiple awards, met some of my best friends, and I choose to live a life that I’m proud of sharing, in the hope of inspiring others. /endcheese.

Here’s to nine years of Daisybutter, and many more to come.

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