Happy Bank Holiday weekend! I’m back and serving up those cosy Sundaze catch-up vibes. This week has been deliciously slow and I feel like I’ve managed to really get on top of things. So often we wish our days away when a long weekend is on the horizons (or when a new Taylor Swift album is coming out!), but it’s nice to savour these late summer days.

We’re looking after my friend Siobhan’s pup this fortnight and little Elkie is a dream to have in the house. Two dogs is so much fun! Well, until they’re unwell and you spend an entire day mopping up mess…! However it has meant plenty more getting-outdoors which is all I could ask for whilst I continue to finish up some contract work in London. These mild evenings have been so wonderful; Louise and I fill up our water bottles, pop hoodies on and walk for as far as we and the puppers can manage. Never underestimate the power of fresh air.

The fires in Amazonia

On that note, I couldn’t write a Sundaze without acknowledging the terrible news about the Amazonian fires. I can’t believe I didn’t even know about them until Wednesday this week. And even then, I was originally under the impression that they were wildfires, sparked by climate change – the truth is much worse.

In fact, many of these fires are deliberately started to deforest the Amazon and make way for cattle ranching space. Not only is this terrible because #savetheanimals, it means the indigenous people are severely affected – their homes are being burned down – and the Amazon rainforest provides around 20% of the planet’s oxygen. The Amazon rainforests are the lungs to the globe. 20% is a LOT.

If you’re feeling as helpless as I am, there’s a brilliant list on the Amazonian Conservation website with some practical tips that you can action now.

On self-assuredness

Last week I asked on Instagram Stories if any of you had ‘requests’ for posts, as I wanted to replace my planned ‘recommended hotels in Hong Kong’ feature for something else, given the current climate. And I had SO many responses! It felt really old school to ask for post ideas and requests, but also great to realise that my planned posts are already really in line with what you’d like to be reading.

One of the requests, though, was to share my thoughts on self-assuredness. I was surprised and excited to see this because ironically it’s not something I’ve given much thought towards. I’ll be sharing a more thorough post about this, but for now: what does being self-assured mean to you? Do you feel like you’ve reached it yet? I didn’t think I had or did feel self-assured, but after pondering the topic for the post, actually I do. I know that my decisions are mine and I trust the outcome and value of my own choices. I’m unashamedly passionate about a variety of things; Taylor Swift, mindful living, zero waste choices, giving my dog the best life he can have, reading. Even just five years ago I might have been embarrassed to share these things, but now I’m proud to do so, knowing the happiness and joy these things bring me far outweigh any negativities others could throw at me.

‘Lover’ and Stella McCartney × Taylor Swift

I shared an entire post about Taylor Swift yesterday – see above for why I continue to share these offbeat posts – but couldn’t let this edition of Sundaze go by without a mention. ‘Lover’ was finally released on Friday and I am not calm! The album is great; unexpectedly so. I say unexpectedly so because it really does feature some curveball tracks. This album feels pivotal (again), and definitely has plenty of old school Taylor signatures. My favourite tracks so far are London Boy, Cornelia Street, Daylight and The Man, I just can’t resist her slower stuff.

Also! I’m truly over the moon about the Stella McCartney × Taylor Swift capsule collection. Could it BE any more on-brand for me?! I’m planning to pick up the peachy pink long-sleeved pixel T-shirt, canvas tote and the limited edition Stella bag. Sustainable fashion, my favourite British designer AND my favourite artist of all time? Sign me the hell up.

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How was your week? Tell me something wonderful that’s happened to you or, better yet, let me know what your favourite song from ‘Lover’ is.

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