Once in a while, I like to unplug from the world.

Life is short and every moment is fleeting, and that thought in itself worries me. So, it’s a privilege and a luxury to put the phone down. Log out. Sink into all of the crevices of real life and give it some pause for thought. Minutes stretch into long hours into golden days where you can do as you please. Temptation to scrooooll aside, we lean into a keener sense of self. Who am I when I’m not trying to impress a virtual crowd?

A vegan mac and cheese maker. (Just a dash of extra mustard.) A directionless Pisces, meandering wherever the world may take me, making the best of every moment. A forgetful soul. (Oops, that’s two Barre classes missed.) A sister, a friend. A human with human thoughts and emotions, at the hands of wind changes. A coffee-drinker. A night owl with a penchant for lighting expensive candles at 10pm, sparking the ‘need’ to stay up until the witching hours. A writer. A writer. A writer(?)

September 2020。

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