Well, we couldn’t possibly have made it to the penultimate edition of 2021’s Sundaze series without more pandemic madness, could we?! This week, I’ve mostly been plagued with mind fog around the Omicron variant and Plan B restrictions here in England. Whilst it doesn’t hugely affect my day-to-day, it does feel disconcerting to be thrown back and forth by a Government that clearly does not care about the majority of the country. (Yup, I said it.) That, coupled with the Downing Street Christmas party fiasco and the passing of the Nationality & Borders Bill has me feeling… some kinda way.

As you can imagine, most of my headspace at the moment is taken up by that, in between desperately trying to cling on to the festive feelings that I’d so gladly welcomed in. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to squeeze in plenty of gift-wrapping, festive treat buying and hot chocolate making. It’s not all doom and gloom.

Plan B feels

Like I said, Plan B doesn’t hugely change my day-to-day. I wear a mask whenever I pop out, indoors and outdoors, and I’m so happy to be back to working from home full-time again. However, it does feel a bit odd, right? Like, a little bit ominous even? I’m privileged in that I live with my parents, so should any more restrictions come into place, I’ll have Christmas with them, but it isn’t a great feeling to be separated from other loved ones. If this is you too, then I’m extending you a warm hug.

Rest and relaxation is important too

As I’ve been a tiny bit unwell with a cold this week, I’ve been revelling in plenty of at-home activities and general rest and relaxation. Be that a K-drama night, an embroidery evening or just simply seeing where the hours take me, it’s felt really nice to relax and recalibrate a little. I texted my boyfriend asking what I could do with my spare evenings, and he threw a: ‘Maybe you could relax for once?’ at me! So, that’s me put in my place, I suppose!

Wrapping up on & Chai for the year

Just like last year, we’re relieved to be taking a break from & Chai for the holidays from next Wednesday. Last orders will be shipped on Thursday morning, and then we’ll be popping the shop on a brief break until our return in January. There’s lots to work on, including a complete restock of our now-fragmented core collection, plus our shiny new Chinese New Year collection that’ll be landing when we’re back! Things have been insanely hectic this season, but we can’t wait to get back to planning for the future again.

Links I’ve Loved

  1. Vlogmas has started! I’m really enjoying sunbeamsjess’ videos this year, Jessie’s vlogs are some of my favourites and this year’s are no exception.
  2. I loved this piece about renting clothes on The Frugality.
  3. 6 Outfits to Wear on Christmas Day via Zoella
  4. The Pies n’ Prose Christmas gift guide is full of brilliant present ideas, if you’re still stuck.
  5. Alyssa Lenore, one of my favourite Filipina-American content creators vlogged her London trip; it’s always fun to see the city through others’ eyes.
  6. Brunch at Audrey’s November reads have been instantly added to my TBR list.
  7. Lastly, I just love Jihyun’s cooking videos – note: they’re not vegan, but they’re very addictive to watch.

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