Well, it’s been quite an eventful fortnight…! I always feel a little awkward and shy, tiptoeing back to Daisybutter after any length of time away. The words were here but not quite coming out properly on ‘paper’. Let me catch you up on the disaster that was Michelle’s life in April 2022…

COVID finally got me

I didn’t mean to completely abandon the blog and pretty much all of my social media but, basically, COVID found me. And I was down with it for 10 days! I had a little bit of a sore throat one day, and I’m fairly in tune with my own body so had a few suspicions and stayed indoors just in case. Lo and behold, two days later, I tested positive. After countless national lockdowns, it felt incredibly strange and severely isolating to quarantine on my own (I live with my family!), and it was easily one of the weirdest and most difficult times for me.

Thankfully, I had very mild symptoms that only really lasted two or three days. I’m so grateful to be fully vaccinated and boosted, because it easily could’ve been worse. Right now I’m just dealing with the post-COVID fatigue and a complete loss of smell and taste, which isn’t great for a) a candle maker, and b) someone that loves food. But I’m finally testing negative and slowly getting back to my everyday life.

… which means all the book and Netflix recommendations!

I am so ready to embrace spring and spend plenty more time outdoors.

Y’all, I feel like I completed my bookcase and Netflix and every streaming service in-between. You can catch up with the books I read in my April book reviews post. And, as for series, I took this as a chance to catch up with everything I seem to run out of time for normally. I finished Twenty Five Twenty One, a K-drama I hugely recommend. I’ve been watching K-dramas since I was 16, and this is easily one of my favourites! I also watched Business Proposal in two days – brill for an easy, fun watch with amazing second leads. I binged countless documentaries, rewatched some comfort animes and let my Spy x Family fixation take over.

Overall, though, it was sort of a nice reminder that sometimes you do just need to lie down, focus on one thing at a time, and that that can bring ‘progress’ too.

More April chaos

Alongside dealing with continued anxiety and my bout of COVID, April really served chaos. Mid-month, we very sadly said goodbye to my beloved pet tortoises when they passed away. I’ve had them for just over eight years, so it was a huge shock and it’s really sad not seeing them every day. I managed to smash my phone screen, and there’s now a tiny hole in it! I nabbed myself a parking ticket, that I really could’ve done without. Three of my clients moved to in-house work only, and my phone tariff was randomly removed without notice. Life got really, really chaotic.

If anything, April taught me just how resilient a human can be.

Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

I hope you all had a lovelier April than mine. Here’s to May!

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