Happy Monday! We’re cheating a little with this, because I completely forgot to schedule this post. But it does mean that I can capture the full week and weekend.

This week, I self-cared HARD. Sharing the impossibilities of my April, and finally coming out of isolation, meant that I was keen to get back on track nice and slowly. I want May to feel nice, I’m just not sure how I’ll get there, but trying a few different things here and there can’t hurt. For instance, on Tuesday I brewed up a big ol’ self-care recipe of a gym session (excellent), a nail appointment (even better), and a therapy session (top tier), and rounded things off with an evening of grocery shopping. The small things add up to a lot, and I’m so glad that I can see that again through the fog that was April.

Gratitude and perspective

Like I said, I’ve definitely had a tricky few weeks. As hard as it felt at times, and as much as I hated my friends telling me that it’d pass soon and to focus on the everyday, things do feel a little easier now. But, you know how it is, we love to wallow when we feel sad – we’re only human. I have a tendency to overthink and spiral, and I find it really hard to talk and communicate things (a new trait since the pandemic began!), but I’ve been working on that step by step. What I do find is that it might take me a little longer to get to metaphorical places, but the clarity and perspective afterwards is unmatched. Things fall into place in unexpected ways, whether or not you’re actively ‘making it happen’.

Celebrating Louise’s birthday

It was my sister Louise’s birthday on Wednesday! And we’ve celebrated throughout the week!

First up, we enjoyed a slightly drizzly dog walk at the lake with little Milo, before heading to a local(ish) restaurant for a birthday brunch. It’s always great to find dog-friendly places near us, and we had a great time eating classic breakfast foods with potato sides. The dream. Then, I surprised her with a vanilla matcha birthday cake made by my friend Amelia! Her local bakery biz is an absolute dream – if you’re local to Hertfordshire, please give her business’ Instagram a little follow and share!

As we’re total homebodies, we then cosied up at home for an afternoon of chips-and-dip, and watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. We never got into it the first time around, and we’re currently on season 15! It’s been a wild ride… Come evening, we headed to a nearby sushi restaurant as a family for Even More Food.

To round off the birthday shenanigans, yesterday I took us both to London for food at Café Bar (very recommended!) and… puppy yoga! I booked tickets with Puppy Yoga London and we were treated to an afternoon of beginner yoga and cuddles with miniature dachshund and French bulldog puppies. All in all, a very successful birthday for Louise!

An evening in London!

(Gosh, I really had a packed week and it’s no wonder I’m exhausted and playing catch-up…)

On Thursday evening, I logged off from work a fraction early and headed into London by train for a very overdue catch-up with my friend and fellow blogger Bolly. We’d booked a table at Mali – Vegan Thai, as we’d both been craving Thai food and, boy, it did not disappoint! Hours and hours of chatter, delicious Thai milk tea and even more delish food – the perfect evening. I couldn’t recommend it more! My favourites included the Omnicrab, and the crispy tofu salad!

How was your week? Share a little story with me. May we all have an excellent week ahead!

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