It’s been a big week at Chez Daisybutter.

Not least because… I started a shiny new job at my dream, dream company: Stella McCartney! If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you’ll know how much I adore this sustainable, vegan luxury fashion brand. It feels like the perfect fit, and I absolutely can’t wait to get stuck in and see where this chapter takes me. Although I’ve definitely been in a bit of a flux with my career in recent months, this genuinely feels so GOOD and right. Perhaps I’ll talk a little more about my career flux experience soon?

Easing back into life

I’ve been slowly easing back into my everyday life, and working out where my energy capabilities lie. Which, if I’m honest, isn’t a huge amount! It’s been nice to get little life admin tasks checked off and simultaneously take things easy, something that I certainly didn’t do when national lockdowns were lifted. What I’ve noticed is that when we dwell on what the hundreds of people we follow are doing, we see that collective activity as a benchmark of productivity. I’m just one person, doing my silly little tasks in my cosy little corner of Planet Earth. I like it.

Playin’ around on TikTok!

Since my isolation days, I’ve been really into TikTok. Just a casual two years after everybody else, I know. It’s terrifying how quickly you can lose your hours to that darn app! Thankfully I’m quite disciplined with most of my app usage, so I’ve managed to claw those hours ‘back’ since noticing how short my evenings were beginning to feel. But it does mean that I’m enjoying ‘content creation’ again – filming mini vlogs of my everyday feels so fun and like my days actually mean something.

As an ‘old school blogger’ of yore (hey, we started this space in 2009!), I’ve definitely had a hard time adapting to new platforms. And yet here we are, May 2022, considering making cosy quiet vlogs on YouTube and even streaming on Twitch! (Don’t worry, it’s me, I’m sure these things may not ever materialise…)

Links I’ve Loved

  1. Audrey, also known as frassy, made a return to her blog and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve always loved Audrey’s writing and her work ethic.
  2. Here are the books Jaye is reading (and recommending) this AAPI Heritage Month – there’s some great picks in there!
  3. I’m absolutely obsessed with food content at the moment: this piece on A Cup of Jo about inchijuu sansai, a Japanese formula for dinner, made me instantly crave aaallll the side dishes for dinner.
  4. Wedding season is in full swing, and I loved these outdoor wedding outfit ideas on
  5. ‘Normalising ‘Starting Again’: Navigating Career Change in Your 30s’ via Zoella

Posts This Week

Happy Sunday, my loves. Don’t forget to take at least 15 minutes entirely for you today.

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