Oh it feels so lovely to sink my feet into cosy slippers and curl up with my MacBook after a week away! It feels like I have mountains to catch up with, and yet at the same time I’m so glad to have slowed down and be a touch behind. With my bags unpacked, laundry complete and things just about getting back to the usual everyday mundane, I couldn’t resist making some time to pen a Sundaze between a busy weekend of date nights, birthday meals and birthday drinks.

My first hols!

If I hadn’t mentioned it enough, I’m home from my first ‘post-pandemic’ trip abroad! I flew to the South of France to visit one of my best friends and enjoy five days soaking up the French Riviera sun, and it was just what I needed. As I was visiting Elodie, we mostly headed to the gym, wandered around her hometown and even cooked a few meals at home! I’m putting together a super old-school little travel photo diary, which’ll be up on the blog tomorrow. Can’t believe we’re slowly getting back to Old Times!

A jam-packed August

Now that I am back from my little trip, I’m feeling mildly overwhelmed at how many plans I seem to have gathered up for August. It’s the month of both my parents’ birthdays as well as other extended family members and best friends. Between birthdays and several dinners with friends I haven’t seen in too long, it’s going to be a completely jam-packed month. I’m definitely going to be prioritising plenty of self-care time on those rare in-between days.

Instagram and how I’m feeling about social media

I suppose the talk of the moment is Instagram and all of its supposed pitfalls. I really do go back and forth on it: as someone that doesn’t rely on social media and blogging to earn an income or living wage, I am lucky to really be able to separate my feelings and ‘worth’ from the app. Yet I can’t deny that I genuinely do – or did – enjoy editing snaps and sharing them in a somewhat cohesive grid format. That being said, it’s forever disheartening to put any effort into something only for the content to be shared to 5% of my following (yep, really!) and to know that when you post to appease the algorithm, you’re contributing to the addictive nature that social media works…

With a week off under my belt, I feel so much more refreshed and far more aligned. And I’ll continue to use Instagram but in a relaxed fashion. There may be one or two ads, but I’m going to treat it as a personal account again and simply share less curated snippets from my life. If you’re not following me yet, you can do so here @winyeemichelle!

Posts This Week

How was your week? Welcome to August, friends!

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