For several years now, I’ve enjoyed getting a little more organised with my seasonal wardrobes. And what better time to commence the switcharoo than during the September start?

September style is one my favourite things about late summer: I get to transition my love-worn summer pieces and mix them with items that are just a touch cosy. I rarely buy new, but for Autumn 2022 I’ve been fairly organised with a list, as several items in my wardrobe no longer fit me properly or simply aren’t quite my style anymore. I mean, it makes sense: I’m now in my 30s!

Harvey combed cotton hoodie by Anine Bing ∙ Linen-coloured blazer by H&M ∙ Black racerfront bodysuit by TALA ∙ Collared knitted dress by H&M ∙ Hailey tailored trousers by Reiss ∙ Black bodycon dress by TALA ∙ Vegan horsebit loafers by H&M ∙ Chocolate brown sweetheart neck jumper by H&M ∙ Anagram tank top by Loewe

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This season, I’m looking forward to sculptural necklines, tailored separates, lightweight knits and a warm-neutral colour palette. There’s the collared knitted dress that can be worn with heeled boots or trainers, depending on the occasion, a snug hoodie for work-from-home days, the chocolate brown knit that pairs equally well with a midi skirt or cream trousers… Mostly, I’m looking forward to recapturing the fun sensibility of my wardrobe again, after a few years of loungewear and clothes-just-for-me.

You can shop my pre-loved wardrobe on Vinted.

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