September always brings with it a sharper focus of things I want to do and achieve and work towards. It’s rooted in the school term start, of course, and throughout my adult life, I’ve seen the September start as a really motivating time of year. With that in mind, I thought I’d revisit those long-forgotten 2022 goals that I set back in January, and see how I could refresh them or set new goals.

Setting goals is something that I’ve always really enjoyed. I’m a goal-oriented person and find I often flounder if left to my own devices, sans action plan. I’ve always found that having a rough idea helps me to no end… even if my friends and family would laugh at me saying this, because I am SO chaotic with ‘planning’ ordinarily!

My 2022 Goals

Scale back my blog posts

I have definitely achieved this, to a degree. In December last year and January, I was really struggling with the idea of being online. I’ve blogged since 2009, which is an extraordinarily long time, and felt that I might not know who I was without an Internet outlet too. Of course I pondered this decision aplenty and eventually decided to continue Daisybutter but scale back posts. I’ve been through phases with this in 2022. Sometimes I’ll be full of blogging inspiration and other times I simply want to think the thoughts, live the moments and let that be that.

Refine book proposal

Right now, I’m staring very sheepishly at the book proposal document that still sits on my MacBook Air. It’s been untouched since February. The thing is, I spent a lot of time in 2020 and 2021 pitching this book to literary agents and, every time, lost out on signings because of similar material being published. (Btw, I really recommend you read East Side Voices and Takeaway, which were the titles in question!) If I’m being completely honest, it completely knocked my writing confidence for six.

At the moment, I’m shelving this particular book. But I’ve had the first inklings of a new book – fiction, this time! – tickling the corners of my brain for a few months now, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with that.

Live first, share second

Here’s what I penned in January about this particular goal: “… another focus is to live. To fully embrace real life and not having my mind or judgement clouded by the lens of online audiences and social media. I can sit and pretend I always stayed in my own lane, but there’s always a small element of having to keep up with the crowds.”

I’ve LOVED taking my personal life offline and only sharing a few things here and there. At first it felt sneaky, almost, after normalising oversharing. Now? It feels natural and comfy and has made social media feel much more enjoyable.

My Refreshed 2022 Goals

Begin novel

Like I mentioned, I’m (sadly) shelving my book project for now and am looking forward to delving into my fictional piece instead. Right now, I’m quite busy getting to grips with my new job, but I think I’m going to ‘formally’ take part in NaNoWriMo this year and see how I get on with it all!

Continue to live first, share second

Living first and sharing second (or not at all) has been great. Fellow OG bloggers from 2009-12, I really recommend trialling this! Many of us haven’t known adult life without (over)sharing to Internet friends and complete strangers. Of course I’m still sharing bits here and there, and I love talking about books and Taylor Swift and sustainable clothes and vegan food with you all! But taking most of my life offline again has truly brought back the joy.

Take & Chai to its first market stall

Finally, Louise and I are hoping to finally take & Chai to an IRL setting at a local market stall! It’s completely out of our comfort zone, but I’m excited nonetheless for customers to be able to see and smell our candles for themselves at last. Owning a small business during this Cost of Living Crisis has been really tough, but we’re hoping that breaking out of our comfort zone will reap big rewards.

How are you getting along with your 2022 goals?

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